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Supporting body, mind and lifestyle balance in conjunction with your wellness program.


Reflexology: is a non-invasive application of pressure to the feet, hands and ears with fingers thumbs or knuckles can stimulate a healing response in the corresponding part of the body. Gentle stimulation of the reflex points and applying soothing massage techniques stimulates circulation, can reduce pain and oedema, is deeply relaxing, and helps to release tension and stress.

Treatments are conducted fully clothed, either seated or laying back down on the table, so are suitable for anyone with restricted mobility, or that may not be comfortable with undressing for a full body massage.

Rebates are available for Reflexology through many health funds (check the list at and retain your receipt to claim).


Reiki: (pronounced ‘Ray – kee’) is a Japanese word, which in essence means universal life force energy.  It is a gentle, hands-on healing technique that aids deep relaxation to reduce stress and improve natural energy flow.  Working in conjunction with Reiki, Seichim (pronounced “Say-keem”), is a gentle, living light energy. Your practitioner Jess Woodside facilitates Reiki and Seichim energy, placing her hands directly on, or just above each of the seven chakra positions, as well as anywhere on your body that needs support.  The energy is able to penetrate the body at a deep cellular level; it is drawn to where it is needed and accelerates your own innate healing ability.  During your treatment you may feel warmth from your practitioner’s hands, experience a range of feelings, tingling, waves of energy, bubbles, stomach gurgling, or just feel very relaxed. You may fall asleep, and perhaps stay asleep for the whole treatment. All of these are fine.

Private health fund rebates are not available for Reiki.


Aromatherapy: Essential oils have been used for centuries as a gentle and effective form of natural therapy to stimulate, balance and calm.   Essential oils are diffused, and used by Jess on feet and/or hands during a Reflexology treatment.

Your favourite oils and aromatherapy diffusers are available for purchase in the practice, or by special order.


Please note:

  • Bookings for Reflexology and/or Reiki are by appointment only.
  • These are complementary therapies that do not interfere with, but support other therapies and wellness practices, treating the whole person as an individual, unblocking the natural flow and directing healing energy to where it is most needed for healthy maintenance.
  • Treatments are NOT a substitute for medical or psychological care, or the treatment of acute injuries. Your practitioner will not diagnose conditions, prescribe medicines, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.JESS WOODSIDE – Reflexologist & Reiki PractitionerJess is a professional Reflexologist (RAoA #4552) and Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner (Reiki Australia #773) who will help you relax from head to toe.  Jess’s academic performance and excellent client care has been recognised with the 2015 AIAS Manual Therapies Clinical Excellence Award.

    Jess is a passionate advocate for the integration of complementary therapies with other health practices and treatments for a client-centred, holistic approach to wellbeing.  This shared vision for a multi-modality whole-of-person approach led her to joining the team at Graceville Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre.

    Outside of the Wellness Centre, Jess is actively engaged in promoting complementary therapies, and furthering her education.  She is a Casual Lecturer and Online Facilitator for the Diploma of Practice Management at AIAS, volunteer Coordinator for the SE QLD Branch of International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA); involved in Reiki Australia special projects; and is studying a Diploma of Aromatherapy.  Jess has launched the Rainbow Wellness branded range of organic and 100% pure essential oils (selection available to sample and purchase in Reception).

    She is also a wife, Mum of 1 + 3 fur kids, Graceville resident since 2004, and long-term client of Graceville Physiotherapy with a personal interest in active self-management of chronic pain.

    Bookings for Reflexology and/or Reiki are by appointment only. Rebates are available for Reflexology through many health funds (check the list at and retain your receipt to claim).