Goodlife Gym Sports Physio

Take advantage of treating all your Sports & Musculoskeletal needs at our Goodlife Gym location in Graceville.

Get sports physio and musculoskeletal physiotherapy services from Graceville Physio at Goodlife gym. We offer professional care in our professional convenient setting. Check out the physio options and sports facilities now available to Graceville residents. Additionally, we also service the areas of Oxley, Yeronga, Corinda and Sherwood.

Graceville Physio has a location where Brisbane residents can enjoy convenient physiotherapy services. Our additional physio centre is located within the Goodlife Gym at Graceville.

This means that members of the gyms can take advantage of a whole new service and current patients can explore additional options in their treatment plans. Goodlife Gym Sports Physio and musculoskeletal physiotherapy could prove to be a more convenient solution.  

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What will Graceville Physio provide at this location?

The new centre in the Goodlife gym will focus primarily on sports physiotherapy and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. This means that our services should be in line with the needs of Goodlife’s current clientele. At the same time, those referred to Graceville Physio for treatment can enjoy the additional benefits of the gym’s other on-site facilities.

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Goodlife Gym Members Special

$99 consultation and treatment with sports physiotherapist Naren, at our Goodlife Gym location.

Hydrotherapy Classes – 6 classes for $150

Sports physiotherapy:

Graceville sports physiotherapy is a great tool for anyone that plays sports in either a professional or recreational setting. Qualified sports therapists can work with adults and children to assess problems and provide the best treatment option.

This can include exercises and massages to correct on-going problems in muscles or tendons. We can also provide support for joint problem and for rehabilitation of a sports injury. The end goal is to bring the patient back to match fitness or make them tournament ready once again.

This means dedicated, personalised treatment plans and in-depth analysis of the issue.    

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy:

Musculoskeletal therapy looks at disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Common problems here include joint issues and muscle pain, especially around the lower back and neck. However, our team is trained to handle problems across the body. They will provide exercises and massage options to help correct the problem and manipulate the body. This option isn’t just focused on sports injuries. Instead, we can treat anyone with an injury or disability in this area. As with our sports physio solutions, we aim to provide a personal, effective treatment plan and an efficient assessment process.

Our Goodlife Gym physiotherapy practice will provide the same level of care and experience as our current practice. We promise that there will be no decline in the professionalism and quality of care in this more specialist location.

Our therapists, Christina & Nareen are trained to handle all kinds of sports-related injuries and musculoskeletal therapy needs. They will work with you to provide the best possible treatment plan and results. You can also be sure of a friendly service each time we welcome you into the facility.

What else can you enjoy when visiting our Goodlife Gym Sports Physio location?

Goodlife Gym in Graceville prides itself on being a community-focused centre with great facilities for its users. The gym has cardio equipment, a cycle studio, strength equipment and a functional training zone. This range of spaces means that there should be something for everyone.

Our patients may find that there is a piece of equipment that is a perfect match for their personal treatment plan. The convenience of an on-site physiotherapist means that you can work on your goals after seeing your specialist.

There is also an outdoor pool, which is ideal for those patients that could benefit from a more low-impact approach.    

This gym also has other facilities and amenities on-site that can add to the overall user experience. In addition to all these workout facilities, the centre has change rooms, free parking and child-minding facilities. This Graceville site could, therefore, be a better fit for busy parents trying to manage their schedules.    

You can check out the location of this new facility on the map below. This will provide a better idea of precisely where we are located, and why we are so convenient for Brisbane families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does physiotherapy really work?

Yes, physiotherapy really works for those who have the commitment to stick to a treatment plan. We create a personalised plan for each of our clients to ensure their individual goals are met and when completed you can see great results.

What are the different types of physiotherapy?

There are a few different types of physiotherapy. Our main focuses are pregnancy and women's health, rehabilitation, sports physio, and treatments for things like vertigo and TMJ.