Exercise Therapy at Graceville Physiotherapy

Our team here at Graceville Physiotherapy believe that just about any ailment or problem requires at least one exercise.

Exercise therapy will assist you to recover quickly and help you to stay on track. When recovering from injury it is important to prevent further injury, and exercises will ensure this does not occur. Here are some examples of how exercises can be of benefit.

We love to see a body in balance!

Our clinical exercise team works in a safe environment. Classes are small so we can give 1 on 1 attention. There is always a physiotherapist assessment first in order for us to structure the classes around the individuals involved. Exercises can be modified for most injuries/weaknesses.

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Bronchitis – Breathing exercises can help to expand the lungs as well as help to clean them of secretions.

Muscle Strains – Gentle stretching exercises can help to lengthen the muscles to ensure the muscle heals in a flexible position.

Acute Lower Back Pain – Very gentle movement exercises can help to avoid getting stiff during the early recovery phase.

Chronic Lower Back Pain – Gentle clinical exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist enables you to handle day to day activities without pain.

Work Injuries – An exercise program will help you to get back to work sooner and help you to work in a safe capacity.

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