Exercise Therapy at Graceville Physiotherapy

Our team here at Graceville Physiotherapy believe that just about any ailment or problem requires at least one exercise.

Exercise therapy will assist you to recover quickly and help you to stay on track. When recovering from injury it is important to prevent further injury, and exercises will ensure this does not occur. Here are some examples of how exercises can be of benefit.

We love to see a body in balance!

Our clinical exercise team works in a safe environment. Classes are small so we can give 1 on 1 attention. There is always a physiotherapist assessment first in order for us to structure the classes around the individuals involved. Exercises can be modified for most injuries/weaknesses.

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Bronchitis – Breathing exercises can help to expand the lungs as well as help to clean them of secretions.

Muscle Strains – Gentle stretching exercises can help to lengthen the muscles to ensure the muscle heals in a flexible position.

Acute Lower Back Pain – Very gentle movement exercises can help to avoid getting stiff during the early recovery phase.

Chronic Lower Back Pain – Gentle clinical exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist enables you to handle day to day activities without pain.

Work Injuries – An exercise program will help you to get back to work sooner and help you to work in a safe capacity.

Here are the classes that we offer in 2020:

Please note that all classes require a physiotherapy assessment prior to joining unless you are currently seeing one of our physiotherapists for treatment or have seen us in the last 12 months.

All classes are held at our Graceville Physio clinic, except for our Actively Ageing Class which is currently held at the Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre.

See below for a description of each class.






    Clinical Physiotherapy led Pilates
    Tuesday 10 am and Thursday at 5 pm and 6 pm
    These classes are ideal for anyone needing to strengthen their core. This may be so that you can continue to perform daily tasks well and without causing pain, enhance your performance in the gym or on the field, strengthen your body following spinal or other surgery and for those of you trying to actually avoid having spinal surgery. If you suffer from chronic lower back pain you may benefit from guided pilates used as a part of therapy and rehabilitation. Women wishing to keep active after having children benefit as well as pilates also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor when performed correctly. Women going through menopause will also benefit from a pilates style programme.
    These are small classes limited to 5 participants in order for the physiotherapist to give you personal one on one direction.
    These classes are purchased by the term for $450 per 10-week term and are claimable on your Private Health Insurance.
    Actively Ageing Classes
    Monday and Wednesday mornings
    Our Actively Ageing classes are ideal for women who want to stay fit and active and combine strength, balance and core strength under the guidance of a physiotherapist.
    These classes are best done twice a week to get the most benefit and may have up to 12 participants. Those who like to exercise but require the safety of exercising with a professional are best suited to this class.
    These classes are purchased in packs of 12  for $300 or on a casual basis for $35 per class and are claimable on your Private Health Insurance.
    Balance and Strength Classes
    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings
    If you are over 60 and worried about your balance, have had hip/knee or back surgery, have had a stroke, have diabetes or just want to remain active in your older years then this is the class for you. Our participants are limited to 6 so that the physiotherapist is able to spend one on one time with you so that they can assess how you move and correct your exercises as you do them. This class is suitable for those using walking frames and wheelchairs.
    We have wheelchair access and there is disabled parking in our car park.
    These classes may be purchased in packs of 10 for $300 or casually for $39 per class and are claimable on your Private Health Insurance.
    Friday morning at 9am
    Our gentle yoga classes are ideal for those of you wishing to remain flexible and strong as you age. These are small group classes and are limited to 6 participants. Yoga is a great way to ensure that your body moves in the way that it should and also helps to relieve the anxiety and stressors that we deal with on a daily basis.
    These classes are not suitable for those who cannot get up off the floor.
    These classes can be purchased in packs of 12 for $300 or casually for $35 per class.
    These classes are not claimable on your Private Health Insurance.
    Ante-Natal Clinical Pilates
    Monday at 6pm
    Pilates style exercises are a great way to ensure that you remain strong, flexible and stable during your pregnancy. You may start these classes any time after becoming pregnant as long as your doctor is happy for you to do so. Our classes are limited to 5 participants so that your physiotherapist is able to give you the one on one attention that you require. Our expert in Women’s Health Physiotherapy runs these classes so you can be assured that the exercises will not only help you to remain strong, flexible and pain-free but will also assist you with your labour and recovery following the birth of your baby whether you deliver vaginally or via caesarean section.
    These classes can be purchased in packs of 6 for $270 or casually for $55 per class and are claimable on your Private Health Insurance
    Post-Natal Classes

    Fridays at 12 noon

    Pregnancy clinical exercise is an excellent way to stabilise your core muscles and ensure optimal function of your pelvic floor. These classes also target your postural muscles around the lower back and pelvis which help you carry the extra weight during your pregnancy and ease pain in the lower back and pelvic areas. They will also enable you to control excess weight gain while you are expecting and it’ll mean a faster recovery following the birth of your child.

    In these classes, you’ll experience a combination of:

    • core stability exercises
    • pelvic floor strengthening
    • safe stretches and
    • mobility exercises suitable for all stages of pregnancy

    Looking to book into a class?

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