Finding it hard to stand up from sitting? Sit to stand made easy

How to get up from sitting to standing with ease.

Standing up from a seated position can become quite difficult for some of us with knee pain, especially as you get older.

Quite often I watch older people trying to stand up and they are pushing on the arms of their chair, using a lot of effort in their upper body, which does tend to then give them some neck tension and pain.

Some older people think that they will fall forward if they lean forward, but this is not the case. You need to lean forward to move into the upright position.

So there is an easier way to stand up from a chair.

  Obviously this is not going to work for every single person, but if you move your bottom a little bit forward in the chair and lean as far forward as you can before you stand up, that is going to get your bottom to lift from the chair and you are going to stand up much more effectively. 

If one leg is weaker, you can put the stronger foot forward and you can lean forward onto that front knee to come up.  But the trick is in the leaning forward. 

mobile physiotherapy brisbane - Finding it hard to stand up from sitting? Sit to stand made easy

Some people come to us in the practice and they are losing their ability to get out of the chair at home.  The worst case scenario is if you can’t get out of the chair, you may need to go into some sort of care.

So we may give them one exercise to do at home, which is just standing up and sitting down out of that chair. The lower the chair, the more you need to lean forward.

So practising standing up from that chair during the day is going to develop the strength in those legs.

It’s much more important to practise getting up out of the chair than to get you a chair that will lift you up because then you willnot develop the strength to be able to get out of the chair yourself.

If you’re having trouble getting out of a chair, make sure you practise at least ten times a day standing up from your chair by leaning forward.

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