September Update

Spring is here!  Days are getting longer and warmer, so make the most of the opportunity to get out and stay active.

Bike set up: what you need to know

Cycling is a very popular form of exercise in Australia. A recent 2021 report estimated almost 5 million Australians ride a bike at least once a week and approximately 10 million Australians have ridden a bike in the past year. Cycling has many health and societal benefits and is a great form on low-impact exercise, but injuries can occur if your bike is not set up properly.

Common cycling-related injuries due to improper setup include lower back pain, neck pain, wrist pain and knee pain. It can also cause muscle strains, especially our quadriceps, calf and upper trapezius muscles. If you are in pain from cycling, not correcting your bike setup may mean that you stay in pain for longer, you will be more likely to re-injure yourself and you could cause another injury.

How can we help?

Our senior physiotherapist Joni offers bike fitting as part of his consultations. A typical bike fitting involves observing you on your bike and adjusting various components of your bike and/or cleats to find a comfortable riding position, depending on your cycling requirements. Joni will also assess your strength and mobility and will prescribe exercises to help with any noted deficits to help prevent re-injury.


With the holiday season fast approaching … maybe it’s time for a tune up?

We all accumulate strain and tension with daily life, work or sporting activities and sometimes feel a bit stiff or sore as a result.  Getting an annual ‘tune-up’ from your Physio can not only decrease your pain, but also correct any issues before they lead to degenerative changes.

Long half Rollers

Our long half rollers are an excellent tool to use for stretches and for posture. The half roller helps relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain caused by a forward head posture like bending over a desk or riding a bike.

matt going away - September Update

What we’ve been up to ….

Good luck Matt!

We said goodbye to our Physio Matt who will be spending 12 months in Kingaroy doing his rural Medicine placement.

We wish him all the best and can’t wait to see what he does next!

World Physiotherapy day

The focus of World Physiotherapy Day 2023 is on Arthritis.  If you are currently struggling with arthritis or other inflammatory conditions we can help. Keep in mind that mobility exercises, aerobic and balance exercises and muscle strengthening are key.

IMG 7652 rotated - September Update

Catch up with All Care Physio

We caught up with the team from All Care Physio for another fun inter-clinic bowls night. This is the second social catch up with have had with the All Care team. We have also teamed up for staff training, development and information sharing sessions. 

New class added to our timetable

We try to be as responsive as possible to the needs of our clients.  With this in mind we add additional classes to our timetable where needed. Our latest addition is our new clinicial exercise class at 1pm on Thursdays.  If you are interested in trying a class let us know!

    archies slides 3 - September Update

    Archie Arch Support Slides are here!

    Archies slides have arch support, material that moulds to your feet and are so light you’ll barely know you’re wearing them. We have stock so get in quick.  The slides come in a range of men’s and women’s sizes and are available in four colours.





    The slides are $60 per pair. We also have a great range of Archies thongs in a wide range of sizes and colours. 

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