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“The staff at Graceville Physiotherapy will always go the extra mile to help you”
Elizabeth from Corinda

Back and neck pain can often be difficult to diagnose. Some back and neck pain can be related to headaches, jaw action, toothache, poor posture and computer work just to name a few.

Our highly qualified team are dedicated to finding the reason for your pain and not just treating the symptoms. Our physiotherapists treat your body as a whole. It is important to have a holistic approach to your health care.

Once the reason for your back or neck pain is established a plan can be drawn up to firstly decrease your pain and then to work on correcting the cause of pain. If your pain is coming from poor posture, an exercise program as well as a soft tissue maintenance program would be of benefit. We are interested in not only getting rid of your pain but having you pain free for life.

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