Wellness Pathways For Long-Term Health

At Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers, our goal is to help our clients become free of pain and live full, happy lives by not only treating the pain you’re in, but helping you cement good habits with ongoing wellness strategies.

Our aim is to eliminate pain and stop it from coming back. We embrace best practice principles and concentrate on evidence based practice. We also continually investigate the newest and most advanced assessment and treatment techniques available to the profession of physiotherapy.

In order to offer you the most effective pathway to recovery, we’ve developed a three-step plan that will not only get rid of the pain you’re in, but ensure your body is stronger and able to remain pain-free for longer.

The Pain Slayers “Pain to Performance” Pathway

Step 1 – Slay Your Pain

The first step on the path is to get your body out of pain. Once we’ve treated the initial cause of the pain, your body is open to forming the habits that will lead to long-term wellness. How do we do this?


  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Hands on care
  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Mobilise joints and muscles
  • Get moving again
  • Education and guidance
2 - Wellness Pathways

Step 2 – Move With Confidence

The second step is to start working your way into the good habits that will form the basis of your long-term health and wellness. We work with you in a variety of ways to assess your current situation and the best way to get you where you need to be. We do this by:

4 - Wellness Pathways
  • Eliminating pain
  • Restoring movement
  • Biomechanical and postural assessments
  • Progressive strengthening program
  • Graded return to:
    • Activity
    • Sport
    • Work
  • Clinical pilates & functional exercise

Step 3 – Live In A Body You Love

The last step is the best, and offers the most long-term results. Now that you have an ongoing wellness routine, it’s easier than ever to ensure your ongoing health and wellbeing. In this step, you will:

  • Reach your health goals
  • Achieve your optimal function via performance-based exercise programs
  • Live, work and play injury free
  • Confidence in a body you love
6 - Wellness Pathways
PainSlayers Infographic FINAL1600x640 - Wellness Pathways

Why Focus On A Wellness Pathway Instead Of Just Physiotherapy?

Focusing on wellness pathways, and your long-term health and wellbeing, will restore the balance in your body and not only promote healing, but minimise the risk of injury in the future. If your body is continually in motion, then it’s less likely to stiffen up and cause injury to the muscles.

At Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers, we’re always looking towards the future which is why we always recommend a long-term solution with long-term benefits. Our qualified team will work with you individually to create a treatment plan personalised to you, taking into account your history and your goals in order to keep you living pain free.

In addition to physiotherapy, our wellness pathways can include other services, such as dry needling, bone loading and performance based classes to ensure the best results for your body.

Talk to us today about the long-term benefits of following the Pain Slayer’s “Pain to Performance” Pathway and seeing the long-term benefits of feeling pain-free and confident in your body.