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How Clinical Pilates Can help

Clinical pilates is a physio-designed exercise program to rehabilitate injuries or speed up recovery after surgery. It differs from traditional pilates because it is a targeted exercise designed to improve a patient’s physical needs.

Additionally, clinical pilates improves balance, control, flexibility, alignment, posture, core muscle strength and the pelvic floor area, helping alleviate pain and prevent future injuries. Whether used as a standalone treatment or with other physiotherapy methods, it can be vital in supporting a person’s recovery and overall health.

What Is Clinical Pilates 

  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Reducing lower back pain 
  • Reducing neck pain 
  • Sports injury recovery
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Recovering from surgery
  • General body fitness
  • Balance problems
  • Pregnancy
  • Post natal exercise
  • People who want to be actively ageing
  • Ages 3 through to 90+ year olds

How We Can Help

  • Personalise an exercise routine
  • Increase your core stability and agility
  • Improve cardiovascular health and endurance
  • Feel stronger
  • Recover faster
  • Boost stamina and energy levels
  • Tone your body and build up muscle
  • Look and feel great
  • Have fun with exercising
  • Undertake a thorough assessment first

Clinical Pilates focuses on the transformation of the body from the inside out. Our Clinical Pilates team has been trained by one of the leading Pilates groups in Australia.

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At Graceville Physiotherapy, our clinical pilates sessions occur in a managed and safe environment, as there is always a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist on site.

Participants must have an initial assessment first in order for us to structure the clinical pilates classes around the individual’s needs. Exercise classes are small, ensuring you receive one-on-one attention.

Anyone with an injury should exercise under a physiotherapist’s supervision for safety.

Can I do Clinical Pilates exercises at any age?

Clinical Pilates exercises can be performed at any age. We have had clients as young as three years attending programs to help with their functional development.

We also individualise exercises for people in their 90s who attend classes to improve their balance and mobility. Our treatment plans can benefit anyone at any age.

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The Advantages For Different Age Groups

3-5 year olds

pre schoolers

For 3-5 year olds, it helps enhance motor skills, improve coordination and balance and strengthen muscles to support the growth of young children.

5-10 year olds

junior school

Supports postural development and builds strength. It helps the child to sit well, aids in developing good handwriting skills, and improves techniques in all sports.

10-17 year olds

Supports body development during rapid growth years and helps maintain good posture as growth occurs. It is also important for improving coordination and balance in physical activities and sports.

21-35 year olds

Pilates strengthens the core and improves flexibility and posture for those aged 21-35. It’s effective for injury prevention, especially in sports or physically demanding jobs, where it helps reduce stress for those navigating career or personal milestones. It is a balanced workout routine for long-term health and well-being, essential during these formative years.

35-60 year olds

Enhances core strength, improves posture and reduces back pain, particularly in the 35-60 age group. Tailored to individual needs, it aids in injury prevention and rehabilitation, particularly for age-related musculoskeletal issues. Pilates also boosts flexibility, joint mobility, and overall body balance. Additionally, it offers mental health benefits, reducing stress and enhancing mind-body connection, making it ideal for maintaining health and well-being during middle age.

60+ year olds

A very important age group as the body begins to ‘wear out’. We must keep it as ‘strong’ and balanced as possible. Clinical Pilates exercises do just that. They improve Strength, Balance and Posture.
For people over 60, pilates is a gentle and effective way to maintain physical health as it strengthens core muscles, improves balance, and reduces fall risk. Its low-impact nature protects joints and aids in managing age-related conditions like arthritis.

Is it Safe to Do Clinical Pilates at Home?

Yes, it is safe to do at home. Provided you have already been given specific instructions by a physiotherapist or clinical Pilates instructor and been given a particular program for your individual needs and requirements. Most of our clients are given a home program of exercises to meet their specific needs. When at home, you must ensure you have the right equipment, including a mat and non-slip pilates socks or other pieces of equipment such as;

  • Pilates roller
  • Pilates chi ball
  • Swiss ball
  • Bands or tubing
  • Rollers or Oov (pilates special stability equipment)

Different pieces of equipment can be used to target other areas. We give instructions on how to use all kinds of equipment and have all of them at our clinic.

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Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Regular practitioners find there are many benefits of regular participation, including: 

  • Looking taller and slimmer due to the strengthening of the muscles at the segmental vertebral level.
  • Feeling stronger and more able to stand and sit for longer periods.
  • Decreased back, neck, hip, knee, foot and shoulder pain.
  • Improved overall strength due to a better base of support for your skeleton
  • Improved performance in sports, including golf, tennis, cycling, gym classes, swimming, netball, rugby union/league, soccer, Aussie rules, hockey, and rowing due to the balancing of the muscles and skeleton.
  • Overall, it improves health due to improved circulation to the body’s muscles, joints, and organs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between clinical Pilates and Pilates?

The difference between clinical and regular pilates is that clinical pilates is offered by a trained physiotherapist, allowing them to come up with a class that targets specific areas of your body. Other pilates classes are a much more general program, without the same targeted exercises.

Can Pilates transform your body?

Yes, it definitely can. If you attend clinical pilates regularly and co-ordinate with your physiotherapist about your goals, then these classes can definitely help you transform your body.