Clinical Pilates Brisbane

Our Clinical Pilates team will help you achieve your goals of

  • Looking and feeling great
  • Improving you posture
  • Eliminating back pain
  • Strengthening your core
  • Increasing your flexibility, strength and agility
  • Tone your body giving you long lean muscles
  • Have fun while exercising


Clinical Pilates is perfect for

  • Back pain rehabilitation
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • General body fitness
  • Balance problems
  • Pre and Post Natal exercise
  • People who want to be Actively Ageing
  • 3 through to 90+ year olds

Clinical Pilates focuses on the transformation of the body from the inside out.

Our Clinical Pilates team has been trained by one of the leading Pilates groups in Australia.

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At Graceville Physiotherapy, our Clinical Pilates team works in a safe environment. Classes are small so we can give 1 on 1 attention. There is always a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist on site. Participants must have a physiotherapy assessment first in order for us to structure the classes around the individuals involved. Exercises can be modified for most injuries/weaknesses or alternatives given. Anyone with an injury should be exercising under the supervision of a physiotherapist for safety.

Can I do Clinical Pilates exercises at any age?

Clinical Pilates exercises can be performed at any age. We have had clients as young as 3 years attending for clinical Pilates based programs to help with their balance, movement and development. We also have clients in their 90’s who attend for clinical Pilates for surprisingly, similar reasons, balance and mobility. Clinical Pilates exercises benefits anyone at any age.

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Here is how Clinical Pilates exercises can benefit any stage of life

3-5 year olds

pre schoolers

To help with their functional development.

5-10 year olds

junior school

Helps with postural development and strength. Helps the child to be able to sit well. aid sin developing good handwriting skills. Improves technique in all sport.

10-17 year olds

Helps with growth development during rapid growth years. Maintain good posture as growth is occurring. Improves technique in all sport.

21-35 year olds

A very active time in your life where sport and active lifestyles play a major role. Helps to increase performance in sport and give you the strength for an active lifestyle.

35-60 year olds

Parenting and working requires strength and stability. A balanced body through clinical Pilates exercises helps those in this age group perform these tasks with ease and grace.

60+ year olds

A very important age group as the body begins to ‘wear out’. We need to keep it as ‘strong’ as possible and as ‘balanced’ as possible. Clinical Pilates exercises do just that. They improve Strength, Balance and Posture.

Is it Safe to Do Clinical Pilates at Home?

Of course it is safe to do clinical Pilates at home. Provided you have already been given specific instructions by a physiotherapist or clinical Pilates instructor and been given a specific program for your individual needs and requirements. Many of our clients are given a home program of clinical Pilates exercises that meet their individual needs. You must ensure you have the right equipment though, which could be a mat and some non slip Pilates socks or other pieces of equipment such as;

  • Pilates roller
  • Pilates chi ball
  • Swiss ball
  • Bands or tubing
  • Rollers or Oov (pilates special stability equipment)

Different pieces of equipment can be used to target different areas. We give instruction on how to use all kinds of clinical Pilates equipment and have them on site.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Regular Clinical Pilates practitioners find there are many benefits of clinical Pilates. These include …


  • Looking taller and slimmer due to the strengthening of the muscles at the segmental vertebral level.
  • Feeling strong and able to stand and sit for longer periods of time.
  • Decreased back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain and shoulder pain.
  • Improved overall strength due to a better base of support for your skeleton, this means you can lift heavier
  • Improved performance in sport including golf, tennis, cycling, gym classes, swimming, netball, rugby union/league, soccer, Australian rules football, hockey, rowing. The improved performance is a major benefit of Pilates and occurs due to the balancing of the muscles and skeleton.
  • Overall improved health due to improved circulation to the muscles, joints and organs in the body.
  • We do clinical Pilates technique classes to ensure the safety of our patients.

Call us on 07 3278 1186 to book in for your desired clinical Pilates class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between clinical Pilates and Pilates?

The difference between clinical and regular pilates is that clinical pilates is offered by a trained physiotherapist, allowing them to come up with a class that targets specific areas of your body. Other pilates classes are a much more general program, without the same targeted exercises.

Can Pilates transform your body?

Yes, it definitely can. If you attend clinical pilates regularly and co-ordinate with your physiotherapist about your goals, then these classes can definitely help you transform your body.

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