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“Thank you for keeping my back pain during pregnancy at bay.It certainly helped when my baby was born ,as i felt good straight away.”
Angela from Tennyson

Pre and Post natal exercise classes in Brisbane.

Pre and Post Natal Pilates classes are run by a Pilates trained physiotherapist in our rooms in the Brisbane suburb of Graceville.

Your ultimate health is foremost with you and your baby in mind. Classes are run in a safe environment for you and your baby.

Any pain or injury associated with your pregnancy can be treated by our qualified physiotherapists. We liaise with your GP or obstetrician so you can be assured of a team approach.

If you have been a patient of ours, doing pre natal classes here will allow the physiotherapist to monitor you closely and be able to make any changes necessary to your program.

Post Natal Pilates is also offered where the emphasis is on strengthening your posture, core and pelvic floor.

Post-Natal Physiotherapy

We assess our post natal ladies as soon as they are able to come into the practice following the birth of their baby.
This way we can assess any abdominal separation and address any feeding postures that may need correction.
Post-Natal Classes include
: Core and Pelvic Floor activation and progressive strengthening
: Postural correction and strength
: Advice on feeding and baby carrying postures
:  Advice on safe post natal exercise
:  Upper body strength work to keep up with the increasing weight of your baby
:  Exercises to help keep you calm and relaxed while looking after your newborn
:  Exercises that you can do with your baby to improve your strength and help your baby progress through their milestones
We aim to help you achieve optimum body recovery post baby without adding extra stress to your body.

Your physiotherapist will be able to determine any damage to your pelvic floor and abdominal wall and will be able to give you a program to suit your needs. Also offered here at Graceville Physiotherapy are Pregnancy Massages.

Book in today and we can tailor a package for your pre and post natal health.


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