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Neck Pain… how physiotherapy can help

Article by Graceville Physio Michael Christensen

Most people will experience an episode of neck pain at some point in their life. Neck pain can be acute, ie from whiplash or wry neck, or chronic, from degenerative changes as part of the aging process. Headaches, migraines, nausea, dizziness and jaw pain are common symptoms associated with neck pain.

Am I at risk of developing neck pain? … Neck pain is multifactorial, which makes this difficult to answer, however evidence informs us of the following risk factors for developing neck pain:

-Advanced age

-Females more than males

-Poor posture

-Previous history of neck or low back pain

-Psychological factors

My neck hurts, what should I do? …. Due to the variety of causes of neck pain, a thorough assessment by a health professional is recommended, which helps to exclude sinister pathologies and to correctly diagnose the cause of the neck pain.

I have been told I have a Wry Neck, what does that mean? … Wry neck is common within physiotherapy clinics. It typically presents as localised pain on one side of the neck, that often limits rotation and bending movements towards the side of the pain. While wry necks can cause a lot of pain and stress to individuals, the good news is the condition is usually resolved quickly, with great results often achieved with 1 to 2 treatments.

Treatment for Wry neck typically involves manual therapy and prescription of exercises which help to restore normal function.    What are some things I can do at home to help my wry neck?

1. Manage your pain:  – use gentle pain relief such as Panadol, or heat packs.

2. Maintain your range of motion:  – if tolerable, try to take your neck through its range of motion, slowly bend your neck side to side, up and down and rotate left to right.

3. Take reassurance in knowing that Wry necks generally improve quickly.


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FAQ … How often should I have a massage?

A general guide is …. 

  • If you are under stress – weekly
  • If you are recovering from an injury and massage has been recommended as a part of your recovery – weekly/fortnightly
  • If you have a heavy training schedule (ie preparing for a sporting event) – weekly
  • If you sit at a desk for over 40 hours per week – fortnightly or monthly
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