January Update

Acute Lower Back Pain

Many of us will experience an acute episode of lower back pain in our lifetimes. The vast majority of these cases will resolve within a few weeks with the correct management and exercises. Acute lower back pain is usually caused by excess stresses and strains being placed upon the tissues. As your lower back is essential to all movement in your body, pain in this area can often feel more severe than elsewhere.

There can be various triggers for the pain, some known, some unknown.

  • Taking a long car journey
  • Re-arranging furniture, pulling down the Christmas Tree!
  • Inefficient sitting and sleeping positions.

Sometimes the pain can come on for no apparent reason.

Your lumbar spine is made up of 5 strong vertebrae, separated with soft discs that sit between each space and several layers of muscle and soft tissue. All of these structures work together and give your back strength and flexibility, allowing your back to be the strongest part of your body.

Our spines have evolved to work best in certain positions. For example, if you sit slumped for long periods your muscles will eventually fatigue and may become uncomfortable, so it is advisable to sit with your upper back supported and a slight arch in your lower back. More importantly though, remember to get up and move about!

Once the initial pain starts to ease a little, you need to increase your movement with gentle exercise. These will be given to you by your practitioner and are often best done little and often throughout the day. Eventually these exercises need to be progressed to become more challenging and most people will benefit from starting a regular general exercise routine such as swimming, cycling, yoga and pilates.

Archies coral thong banner - January Update

Having an issue with foot pain? Plantar Fasciitis?  Call us today. We can help ease your pain. Phone 327811865.


Archies thongs have arch support, material that moulds to your feet and are so light you’ll barely know you’re wearing them- come and try for youself at reception! $40.

There are lots of great features of Archies including …

They have a ultra-strong one-piece design making the thongs virtually indestructible.

They have almost 1 inch of orthotic support encouraging optimal foot posture aiding whold body alignment. Perfect for popel who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or wear orthotics.

The elevated heel helps to reduce stress on the calf and achilles tendon – great for people with Achilles Tendonitis. 

The Archies have a tight strap. Your toes don’t have to grip to keep your thongs on, allowing you to walk all day without overusing muscles and tendons in the feet. 


    clinical exercise class 1 scaled - January Update

    Our classes are small – This means you will have individual attention. It also enables the Physio to create a safe environment for you and your class mates. Phone 32781186 for further information.

    Small Physio led classes

    Graceville Physio Painslayers offers wonderful classes to help you with staying active, maintaining/improving strength and flexiblity, and helping our lovely women through pregnancy and after baby has been born.

    Before you start with one of our classes, we will book you in for an initial one on one Physio assessment to identify the areas that need attention. We like to understand the reason behind an injury, lack of movement or pain. Understanding your history gives more of an insight into how best to help you get the best from the class. 


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