August Update

August is Tradies National Health Month 

By Graceville Physio Michael Christensen

For those who don’t know me, I was an electrician prior to a career change into Physiotherapy. I worked in a range of domestic and commercial environments, and I have seen my fair share of work-related injuries.

Why is Tradie health so important?

Working in a trade is often physically demanding. The physical and mental health of a Tradie is important and any reduction in performance due to injury can mean time off work, or reduced productivity and income.

What are some common Tradie injuries.

Tradies often present to Physiotherapy with a vast array of complaints. These range from an acute injuries like an ankle sprain from a trip or a fall, to injuries more associated with over-use, most commonly back, knee, and shoulder pain.

What are some things I can do to help avoid injury?

Work Policy: Safe work practice can help to reduce injuries that are often avoidable. Risk assessment and risk mitigation should be carried out prior to starting any job. Elimination of a risk is the most effective management strategy, so keep your work environment free of hazards where possible.

Hydration: Dehydration can lead to fatigue which impairs your body awareness, control, and muscular endurance, which places you at a greater risk of injury.

Sleep: Good sleep hygiene is essential for your body to recover from the rigors of a hard day’s work. If you do have an injury, poor sleep hygiene can delay healing and increase your sensitivity to pain, which can mean more time off work and less productivity.

Smoking: We are all aware of the health risks associated with smoking that contribute to an increased risk of all-cause mortality. What is less commonly known is the negative impact that smoking has on things like injury recovery and pain sensitivity.

General physical preparedness: Getting stronger and in better condition can not only improve your physical performance at work, but it can also reduce the likelihood of injury, by relatively reducing the load sustained at work, through increased physical preparedness. Think of it like the way the Broncos spend lots of time in the gym in the off season, which helps them sustain the impacts of a game of footy. Like a footy player – you need to prepare your body for the task – get strong.

How can Graceville physiotherapy help?

We can help with the management of acute injuries that are both work and non-work related, through a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis that is followed by an individualized treatment plan to help you get back to full productivity as soon as possible. We can also help when you aren’t injured, through the identification and management of the risk factors mentioned previously.

Physiotherapists are experts in physical activity and can help with exercise prescription and training to keep you in peak physical condition.

Low back rotation exercise to help your back pain and stiffness

If you struggle with low back pain or stiffness one of the best things you can do throughout the day is to move and avoid staying in one position for too long.

Backs are designed to move, and don’t like staying in one position all day. So here is a quick and easy stretch you can do throughout the day to keep your lower back moving.

Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, slowly rock your knees side to side 10-15 times.

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It’s been a busy month here at Graceville Physio! Here’s a few things we have been up to recently!

QLD Foot Centres

Mitch from QLD Foot Centres Sherwood came to chat with us about how podiatrists and physios can work together to manage all sorts of foot, ankle, leg and back issues.

It can make a big difference if you check in on
your feet to see how they’re faring! Have a look
to see if there is any swelling or discolouration in
your skin tone, Is there a change in your nails? Keep a watch for any changes to your feet and please see your podiatrist if you see something that doesn’t seem quite right.

dental - August Update

Chelmer Dental

Dr Greg and Dr Linh from Chelmer Dental joined the staff to discuss all things related to TMJ management. If you are experiencing any jaw pain or tension, book in to see one of our physios!

 In most cases physio is an effective technique to help relieve TMJ dysfunction symptoms. Our physiotherapist will take a clinical assessment to determine that factors that aggravate your TMJ symptoms. They will provide rehabilitation exercises and activity modification advice to help alleviate the symptoms. We are able to liase with your dentist to help resolve your jaw is pain.

    Archies coral thong banner - August Update

    Having an issue with foot pain? Plantar Fasciitis?  Call us today. We can help ease your pain. Phone 327811865.

    ARCHIES – get ready for the warmer weather!

    Archies thongs have arch support, material that moulds to your feet and are so light you’ll barely know you’re wearing them- come and try for youself at reception! $40.

    There are lots of great features of Archies including …

    They have a ultra-strong one-piece design making the thongs virtually indestructible.

    They have almost 1 inch of orthotic support encouraging optimal foot posture aiding whold body alignment. Perfect for popel who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or wear orthotics.

    The elevated heel helps to reduce stress on the calf and achilles tendon – great for people with Achilles Tendonitis. 

    The Archies have a tight strap. Your toes don’t have to grip to keep your thongs on, allowing you to walk all day without overusing muscles and tendons in the feet. 


      clinical exercise class 1 scaled - August Update

      Our classes are small – This means you will have individual attention. It also enables the Physio to create a safe environment for you and your class mates. Phone 32781186 for further information.

      Small Physio led classes

      Graceville Physio Painslayers offers wonderful classes to help you with staying active, maintaining/improving strength and flexiblity, and helping our lovely women through pregnancy and after baby has been born.

      Before you start with one of our classes, we will book you in for an initial one on one Physio assessment to identify the areas that need attention. We like to understand the reason behind an injury, lack of movement or pain. Understanding your history gives more of an insight into how best to help you get the best from the class. 


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