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Covid 19 – Clinic Update

By Angela Melit – Director, Graceville Physiotherapy

As you all know dealing with the COVID pandemic has altered all of our lives in many ways. The current outbreak has hit very close to home and we send out our best wishes to everyone currently in lockdown, in quarantine or affected in anyway by the current situation.

Our priority is the health and safety of our clients and staff. We want to assure you that we continue to implement Australian Government Department of Health guidelines in regards to stringent cleaning and preventative measures to ensure the health and safety of all those that attend our clinic.

It is really important at this time to take care of yourself. If you are in pain and need physiotherapy in Graceville we are open and here to help. If you are feeling well otherwise, have no identified symptoms, not been in contact with a covid case and have not been to a listed exposure site, you can book in to see one of our physiotherapists for treatment.

Our clinic is open for individual consultations.

  • Please note that if attending the clinic for an appointment you are required to wear a mask at all times. We ask that you do not bring additional people with you to your appointment ie: partners or childen. If you need someone to bring you to an appointment they will be required to wait for you outside of the clinic or in the car.
  • The only exception to this rule is that of a parent of a young child that needs physiotherapy or if the patient requires a carer/support person.
  • Please come at the time of your appointment, not earlier than scheduled. This will allow us to usher you directly into our individual treatment rooms rather than waiting in reception
  • We do offer telehealth consultations if you are unable to attend the clinic but would like a consultation with one of our physiotherapists.

We understand that these are unprecedented times and thank you for your support. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call the clinic on 3278 1186 or email us at and we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.



If you are unable to get into our Clinic, We’ve got a solution.

Telehealth physio is a consultation or treatment session done via video call, meaning that you can continue your physio treatment even if you’re unable to make it in person. 

Our online consultations allow our physiotherapist to consult and prescribe home rehab exercises to help with your pain.  We are able to treat anyone, anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of missing out or disrupting your treatment schedule.

Our simple online booking system through our website allows you to choose appointments that suit you. Morning, mid and afternoon appointment times are available. You can also call us to book an appointment.

We will guide you through the set up for your appointment. If you have access to a laptop or tablet with webcam capability these work best however we can also do appointments via a smart phone.

CALL TO BOOK – 3278 1186


Physio tips to help while your at home

1. Sitting down and binge watching Netflix will help time pass by but it won’t be doing your body any favours!

2. Remember to stand up every 30 minutes and move around. Change of positions will help ensure your muscles keep mobile preventing you from any pain in places such as your lower back and neck.

3. If you are working from home make sure your laptop, desk, chair etc are set up well so as to avoid back and neck pain. We have a great range of videos on Facebook that cover this topic.

4. If you are doing your own exercise program at home but are experiencing a few niggles as a result, be mindful of your technique. This is another reason to check out our library of exercises on Facebook.

August is Tradies National Health Month

Article by Graceville Physio Matt Fowler

Over the last 18 months, there has been a mass exodus of individuals form the office to the home-office; an unprecedented change in working conditions in recent history.

Despite this, the nature and face of how many people deal with their work is unchanged – for many essential workers it is simply not possible to do their job from home. August is the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s official Tradies’ National Health Month, and it’s a very important time for us here at Graceville Physio to recognise and bring awareness to some of the most essential workers in our community.

Working with your hands day in and day out with is an exhausting endeavour that demands the most of your body. Did you know that surveys show up to 60% of tradies have some form of aches or pain due to their work? Or that 3 out of 5 serious work place injuries happen to tradies, despite making up only 30% of the work force?^

Warm ups and light stretching are an easy and important way to prepare your body for the day ahead. It’s been shown that warming up before vigorous physical activity not only reduces the risk of a muscular injury#, but also increases the amount of power a given muscle can produce* – meaning you can lift things with the confidence of knowing your body can tackle the task ahead of it. That means that not only can a physio help you get a bad back, shoulder, or knee under control, but that with a tailored warmup program we can help avoid them in the first place!

Physiotherapists are movement experts who can help give you what your body deserves to keep it moving free from injury and with confidence.

^Tradies Health Survey 2019 – prepared by Empirical Research for the Australian Physiotherapy Association

*Small K, Mc Naughton L, Matthews M. A systematic review into the efficacy of static stretching as part of a warm-up for the prevention of exercise-related injury. Res Sports Med. 2008;16(3):213-231.

#McCrary J, Ackerman B, Halaki M. A systematic review of the effects of upper body warm-up on performance and injury.

Br. J. Sports Med. 2015;49:935-942.

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We provide physio services for several national companies including Bridgestone and Bunnings. Our team is committed to helping businesses to keep their employees pain free and performing at their best.

From clinic and onsite consultations to workplace setups, programs and advice … we are here to help. 

We offer

Pre-employment assessments

Work Station set up

Functional Capacity assessment

On-site physiotherapy treatment

QLD workcover and CTP cases

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