Why do we get back and neck pain?

Back and neck pain would have to be the most common reasons why people visit their physiotherapist. More sick days are taken in the workforce through back and neck pain than any other pain. A lot of people feel that once they develop back and neck pain that it is there to stay or will keep coming back. This is not necessarily true. Given the right advice early on, the right exercise program and postural advice, you can have a life free of back and neck pain.

girlback - Why do we get back and neck pain?

Physiotherapists are experts in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of back and neck pain. Here are some reasons why we get back and neck pain.

  • Postural issues such as scoliosis, a lateral S curve, in the spine which can be present as a child develops or can develop from poor postural habits.
  • Poor Posture – not standing or sitting correctly. Over time the legamentous structures holding the spine together can stretch or tighten resulting in pain.
  • Prolonged sitting – causes tight hamstrings and lower back that can result in pain.
  • Sitting – looking at a computer. These repetitive postures often see a client come in with back and neck pain.
  • Repetitive bending stretches the stabilising structures that support the spine.
  • Heavy lifting with poor technique causes strain on back and neck structures.
  • Over exercising poorly performed exercises in gym classes.
  • Poorly performed Pilates and Yoga exercises
  • Exercising when tires
  • Poor sleep habits or inadequate support i.e. bed, mattress and/or pillow.
  • Sports Injuries
  • Wearing ill fitting shoes or high heels puts stress on all joints involved in weight bearing.
  • Post Partum – as the abdominal muscles are weak you lose your muscular support for your back.
  • Poor sleep postures can lead to acute wry neck.
  • Motor vehicle accidents – leading to back and neck pain, especially whiplash.
  • Gardening – repetitive movements can lead to pain
  • Overreaching i.e. reaching into the back of your car for something.
  • Falls – can lead to back and neck pain especially if you land heavily on both feet.
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