How can I fix back and neck pain?

It is important to first properly diagnose back and neck pain. See your physiotherapist before the pain gets out of hand. A visit to your physiotherapist at your first sign of pain will ensure you get adequate advice quickly. This means less visits. The longer you leave it the more treatment you may require. See a physiotherapist who you feel comfortable with and tell them everything including your past history of pain.

Once the reason has been established why you have pain then the steps can begin to rectify it. If you know certain movements, actions, exercises cause you back and neck pain you avoid these all together or until you have corrected your technique/movements enough to do these without pain. Your physiotherapist will show you how.

Specific strengthening to target weak areas will be performed as well as manual treatment on trigger points, stiff joints, tight muscles etc.

A program for life should be designed in order to keep you pain free. Also this program is what will prevent further injury and pain. If inadvertently you hurt yourself your program will ensure you recover quickly. This program could include …

  • Hands on physiotherapy sessions
  • Exercise programs
  • Exercise classes run by your physiotherapist
  • Email support – someone to contact quickly if any queries arise
  • Education on posture, lifting etc
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