Magnetic Therapy Pain Injury

Patients come to Graceville Physio to get a proper medical diagnosis and receive cutting edge/innovative therapies so they can recovery from injury and get back to their sport or the things they love to do sooner. One therapy we recently added to our treatment tool box are a special type of medical magnet called Q magnets. Already used by teams such as the Australian Wallabies and the Brisbane Lions, Q magnets are simple to apply, non-invasive, drug free and painless. We highly recommend them and we recently put together this case study so you can see the effects for yourself.” And maybe… “If you’re an athlete, getting back to your sport ASAP is a priority, call 3278 1186 and make an appointment so we can give advice and treatment with these Quadrapolar magnets.”

Case Study 1.

35 year old presented to our clinic  day 2 after a fall from her bike. She sustained a soft tissue injury to her left buttock which left her unable to walk or sit without pain.

We placed a quadripolar magnet in the centre of the contusion and left it in place for 48 hours.  On removal of the magnet there was a soft area now under the area where the magnet had been placed and the surrounding tissues were firmer.  The area under the magnet was lighter in colour than the surrounding tissues as the surrounding tissues were still bruised.

Q Bonus Package Active Athlete magnetic therapy - Magnetic therapy to help pain and injury.

Our client was also extremely happy as she was now able to sit and walk without pain.

We replaced the magnet for another 2 days over the top of the tissues that were still bruised.  After 2 days the bruising had decreased in this area also.

We will be definitely using Q magnets for the treatment of contusions and soft tissue injury.
If you live outside of Brisbane, or even outside Australia, click on the black Neuromagnetic image so you can purchase your own set and use them when you need them.

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