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Lower Back Pain Exercises and Support that not only addresses the symptoms but the causes!

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Lower back pain exercises are a great tool for pain management. When these lower back stretches aren’t enough, Graceville Physio’s team can help to slay the pain.       

Lower back pain is something that we may all experience at some point in our lives. Some of us will have short-term, mild issues that are easily managed with the right lower back pain exercises.

Others will develop deeper issues that require the help of our Graceville physiotherapists.

Lower back pain symptoms.

There are many different causes of lower back pain. Some are mild and easily corrected. These include weakness, stiffness and tension in the muscles and tendons around the spine.

Other people will experience problems with the nerves around the region, such as a pinched nerve or sciatica. Then there are different spinal issues, such as slipped discs, herniated discs, fractures and scoliosis.    

Lower back pain exercises Brisbane
back pain stretches to relieve pain in Brisbane

Choosing the right lower back pain exercises for your condition.

There are two different types of active, aerobic exercise that you can try to improve these back-pain issues. They are stretching exercises and strengthening exercises.

Lower back stretches:

Some back problems are the result of poor flexibility in the spine and tension in the muscles. They don’t allow for much freedom of movement, which then leads to problems when we overreach or bend too far.    

Back strengthening exercises: 

On other cases, pain and discomfort can come from weaknesses in the muscles around the spine. That could be back muscles, pelvic muscles or abdominal muscles.

There are exercises that you can try here to improve back pain. However, many physiotherapists say that it is better to simply engage in more physical exercise.    

5 simple lower back stretches that you can try at home.

1) The trunk rotation.

Here you lie down on a mat with back flat and knees bent. Rotate your legs toward the floor to your left to stretch the hips, spine and pelvis. Hold the pose and switch sides. Where possible, try to hold your knees as close to the floor as you can.   

Graceville Physio lower back pain treatment

2) Child's pose.

This is a common pose for relaxation in yoga. It stretches out the spine while relaxing the back muscles. Start on all fours and then sit back on your legs while reaching your arms forward. Try and lengthen the spine as much as possible.

Childs Pose to relieve lower back pain

3) Cat-cow back stretch.

This stretch is perhaps the simplest of them all. You can remain on all fours the entire time. The only movement comes in the arching of the spine. The cat part comes when you arch your back down and raise your chest. After holding this for a few seconds, reverse the pose to arch the back up and face the mat.

Lower Back Pain Relief with Cat Cow Stretch

4) Hamstring stretch.

It is easy to forget that so many back-pain issues stem from the legs. Sit cross-legged on the mat and stretch out a leg in front of you. Reach forward and try to touch the toes. Hold it for 10 seconds and then switch legs.   

Hamstring stretch graceville physio

5) Hip flexor stretch

Start by kneeling on the mat. Stretch one leg out behind you while leaning forward on the bent knee. This should stretch out the thigh muscles while loosening the hips.

Relieve lower back pain with hip flexor stretch

When to turn to a physiotherapist for lower back pain problems.

These lower back exercises can be a great help, but they may not enough to get to the root of the problem. These back stretches can provide relief in time of pain and help you get on with the day.

But there isn’t any real correction going on here. A physiotherapist can target the muscles more easily and help to provide greater relief. More importantly, these specialists can diagnose problems and provide a more personalised treatment plan.

For example, they may be able to adapt treatment to problems with sciatic pain or spinal stenosis. From there, they can advise you on the best exercise to continue with at home.   

Why choose Graceville Physio for lower back pain physiotherapy? 

Our physiotherapists are highly trained to handle a range of different problems related to back health. They can diagnose problems and create effective, tailor-made plans that go much further than an internet how-to guide.

Above all that, they are specialised in pain removal, rather than pain relief. Their sessions won’t merely reduce the pain short-term. Instead, these pain slayers can treat the underlying cause of the pain and provide a better chance of recovery.   

If you are in need of back pain relief in the Brisbane area, Graceville Physio can help. Contact us today to learn more and make a booking.

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