How can Physiotherapy help with Chronic Pain Management?

Those with chronic pain know that a chronic pain management program will help them to live as normal a life as possible. Physiotherapists are experts in chronic pain management.

Individual programs can be set up to suit that persons needs. i.e. an effective chronic pain management program for someone with chronic lower back pain may look like this …

Daily – exercise program at home as prescribed by the physiotherapist. Use of TENS machine or high powered magnets. Both of these can be used daily. TENS is used when pain is high. Magnets can be used constantly if pain is that severe. Heat and Cold therapy.

Weekly – Attend exercise programs at the clinic. This may be Pilates based or could involve hydrotherapy. Warm water exercises are excellent for chronic pain management. These classes are probably best attended 2 to 3 times per week. They will also include an element of relaxation. Music is used to help improve mood and decrease anxiety. Anxiety is a big problem in those with chronic pain.

Fortnightly – Physiotherapists use acupuncture for chronic pain management. This is called Dry Needling. There has been good evidence to support the use of dry needling in chronic pain.

Monthly – Physiotherapy appointments to asses and treat structures relating to pain. It is well known that pain is reduced merely for the fact that the client is doing something about it!

Massage – massage has been used over the centuries to promote relaxation. This decreased anxiety, tension and pain. Massage also promotes circulation which can be used to decrease pain.

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