You can now find us at our additional location in Goodlife Gym, Graceville!

Physio Corinda

At Graceville Physio, we understand that your pain and physiotherapy needs should receive the utmost care and effective approach possible. That’s why we have ensured that our physiotherapy rooms are located in such a way that they are easily accessible by anyone living in the Corinda area.

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Some of our services

We know that whether we’re near or far, our services will be the reason you’ll never want to find another physiotherapy service provider again. At Graceville Physiotherapy, we know that you don’t have time to waste on services that don’t work for you, which is why our staff are focused on providing effective treatment and long-term management of the following services:

  • Back and Neck pain
  • Physiotherapy focused on helping sports injuries
  • Physiotherapy services for children
  • Balance classes that focus on:
    • Fall Prevention, and
    • The actively aging
  • Services centred around Pregnancy, which include:
    • Physio
    • Massage
    • Clinical Exercises
    • Pre- and Post-natal care
  • Lymphatic drainage services
  • Treatment for those suffering from vertigo

We understand that Australia has many active people, who enjoy sporting and other physical activities, which normally means that sports-related injuries are a fact of life for some of us.

That’s why, if you enjoy spending your sporting hours at places like the Ambiwerra Tennis Centre, Corinda Bowls club, or any of Corinda’s other activity venues, you can rest assured that we’re close to providing our services.

Physio Corinda

Getting to us

Our treatment rooms are just a quick five-minute drive from Corinda, or a quick trip if you want to use Brisbane’s Translink services. That means that no matter where you are in the Corinda area, you’ll be able to get access to one of the best physiotherapy services providers around.


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We really feel that our services will make a difference in your life, whether you want to stay healthy during your pregnancy, or are tired of dealing with that troublesome knee injury. So, contact us today to book your appointment at Graceville Physio for effective physiotherapy services.

We also service the areas of Yeronga, Sherwood, Oxley and the Goodlife Gym in Graceville

Find us in the GRACEVILLE QUARTER BUILDING 2/296 Oxley Rd, Graceville, QLD


GOODLIFE GYM 164 Graceville Ave, Graceville, QLD