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We are here to help you recover after having a baby

Pregnancy and childbirth is a time full of change for the Mother’s body, meaning the time following childbirth is equally full of change as the Mother’s body returns to her new ‘normal’.  Recovery post-partum is highly variable and dependent on many factors, such as the Mother’s previous health, activity levels during pregnancy, genetics and the birth itself to name a few. Recovery will also depend on what the Mother wants to achieve post-partum and what her current priorities are. Some of the key things we look at in the post-partum period are abdominal function and abdominal separation, pelvic floor muscle function, and pelvic organ position. These are ideally assessed by a physio trained in Women’s Health at six weeks post-partum, although abdominal assessment can be performed earlier if required. 

This is also a great time to discuss any pelvic floor dysfunction you may be experiencing. This assessment enables your physio to design a targeted program for you, enabling you to achieve your functional, fitness and health related goals and get on with living a full life!

Physiotherapists are highly qualified in prescribing exercise programs for all sorts of scenarios, including injury prevention, chronic disease and pain management, as well as to aid general fitness and well-being.  Contact the Pain Slayers at Graceville Physio today to make an appointment.

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Our post natal classes are held on Wednesdays at 11am. These classes involve core stability exercises, pelvic floor strengthening, safe stretches and mobility exercises. Our womens health physio Meredith runs these classes. Health fund rebates apply. Call 3278 1186 to book. 

We wish our fabulous Physio Gabi all the best as she embarkes on a wonderful and very exciting new journey into motherhood! We can’t wait to meet her new little bub soon! 

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We love to keep kids on the move!  Our team treat a range of conditions unique to growing and active bodies. We offer: Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation, treatment for sprains, strains and fractures, Postural retraining, Balance, proprioception and coordination training and treatment for Growth related injuries like Osgood-Schlatter’s and  Sever’s. Contact us today

Reducing the risk of ACL tears in sport

With the start of many winter sports just around the corner, it’s time to get back into sports injury prevention for our kids and junior sports stars.

A common injury associated with many pivoting and change of direction sports (e.g. netball, soccer, football, basketball etc.) is rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This often happens when the player attempts to change directions rapidly, or lands poorly from a jump. As with all things, prevention is better than a cure, and the risk of ACL injury can be reduced by ensuring good movement and landing control.

Your sports physiotherapist can assess your (or you child’s) movement control and landing strategies to identify any areas that may need to be addressed to reduce the risk of ACL injury. Additionally, there are several sport specific warm-ups that aim to promote good hip and knee control and further reduce ACL injury risk. These include the Netball KNEE program (for netball) and the FIFA 11+ (for soccer). If your club is not already including these in their warm-up we would encourage them to seriously consider adding it!

We offer massage appointments Monday to Wednesday with our fabulous therapist Jeannette!

If you have poor posture, sit at a desk all day, stressed or struggling to get a good nights rest then a massage could be good for you! We offer 60min, 45min and 30min appointments.  Call to Book!

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