April Newsletter

Naren has some tips for taking care of yourself at home

As you all know dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has altered all of our lives in many ways. These are unchartered waters but at the end of the day if you have taken that step to self-isolate you still need to make sure you keep your body moving. Sitting down and binge watching Netflix will help time pass by but it won’t be doing your body any favours!

Remember to stand up every 30 minutes and move around. Change of positions will help ensure your muscles keep mobile preventing you from any pain in places such as your lower back and neck.

If you are working from home make sure your laptop, desk, chair etc are set up well so as to avoid back and neck pain. We have a great range of videos on Facebook that cover this topic. (You may have to like the page first so you can see them).

If you are doing your own exercise program at home but are experiencing a few niggles as a result, be mindful of your technique. This is another reason to check out our library of exercises on Facebook. You will be able to see these exercises being performed by our physiotherapists and along the way they will give you advice and tip to keep in mind so that these exercises may be performed safely.

If you can’t get into the clinic we can help with Telehealth appointments.

Our physios will consult and prescribe home rehab exercises to help with your pain. Our focus is helping our clients be able to complete exercises correctly and ensuring that they have a program of treatment that will put them on the best path to recovery. Our easy online booking system through our website allows you to choose appointments that suit you and we will guide you through the set up for your appointment.

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We are currently offering pre natal classes via telehealth! These classes are held on Friday from 12-1pm. Our classes involve core stability exercises, pelvic floor strengthening, safe stretches and mobility exercises. Our womens health physio Meredith runs these classes via Zoom. Call 3278 1186 to book. 

Congratulations to Gabi and Saulo on the birth of their gorgeous baby Nathan!  Mum and bub are doing well and we are all super excited to meet little Nathan in the months to come. 

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Check out our FACEBOOK page and see what our Pain Slayer team have been up to!  We have loads of exercise videos, great advice and handy hints from the team.

You may have to like our page first so you can see all of our videos. You will be able to see lots of exercises being performed by our physiotherapists and along the way they will give you advice and tips to keep in mind so that these exercises may be performed safely. We also have useful advice on setting up your home office and safe and effective rehab exercises if you are wanting to build strength post injury. You can find us on facebook at Graceville Physio Pain Slayers.

One of our recent posts was an appreciation post for our furry friends who keep us company and never fail to entertain us, especially at the moment!

If you want to continue feeling the benefits of physio at home we have the tools to help!

We have a great range of products available here in the clinic. If you live in the local area we are happy to deliver any items you need to your door. We have everything from memory foam pillows and back supports to tapes, hot and cold packs, self massage tools and more…

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