What are the best pregnancy exercises for the third trimester?

Cardiovascular exercises may be performed with care and if possible under the guidance of a suitable health professional such as a physiotherapist, midwife or Pilates/Yoga instructor with qualifications in this area.

During the last trimester some instability can become evident in the lower back/pelvic region especially if the woman has been over exercising, stretching/working etc. Therefore it is important to perform exercises that can improve this strength and stability. Pregnancy Pilates is suitable for this. As labour is very ‘labour’ intensive pregnancy exercise should include strength work especially with regards to the lower legs.

pregnancy exercises third trimester - What are the best pregnancy exercises for the third trimester?

It is important in the third trimester to not overexercise. The best pregnancy exercises are those related to breathing, relaxation and strength.

Breathing exercise at this stage of the pregnancy can prepare the woman for labour and can help with mobility in the thoracic region. The thoracic spine can become quite stiff and sore as the pregnant body changes. The centre of gravity alters and a lot of pressure is placed within the thoracic spine.

Breathing exercises also help to decrease anxiety and tension. It is important for a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester to remain calm and relaxed for the benefit of bother her and her baby.

Relaxation exercises can also reduce anxiety and helps prepare you for labour. Labour progresses best when you are in a more relaxed state. These relaxation exercises may also include some type of meditation which can be very beneficial.

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