Are you planning on getting Pregnant?

Research suggests that the healthier you are before you are pregnant the easier your pregnancy and ultimate birth experience may be.

Often women are scared to begin pregnancy pilates, yoga or exercise classes until after the first trimester. It is true to say that many women may feel unwell during the first trimester and not feel like exercising but sometimes some gentle exercise can make you feel better.

So, it is Ok to gently exercise during the first trimester. But what about when you are trying to get pregnant? What sort of exercise should you be doing then? What is safe and what is not?

Pregnancy Massage3 - Are you planning on getting Pregnant?

Research shows that the healthier a muscle is the easier it recovers from trauma.

pregnancy pilates safe - Are you planning on getting Pregnant?

This should mean that if your pelvic floor muscles are strong and healthy , then they should support your back and provide a good stable base of support for your growing abdomen during pregnancy. And what about those core muscles? Abdominal muscles support our lower back but are put through a lot of stretching during pregnancy. If these were nice and strong before you became pregnant then the muscles would have a rich blood supply giving the muscles the nutrients they require. They would then stretch more easily but stay stronger at the same time. This is the same for the pelvic floor. The richer blood supply to a healthy pelvic floor group of muscles will allow the muscle to support heavier weights and recover if damaged during the pregnancy and birth process.

Now when you think further about it your leg muscles need to be stronger not only to carry your inevitable heavier body but after birth they need to be strong to allow you to pick up your baby! Then what about your arms? You need to carry that baby, put him or her into the cot, car seat, baby bath etc the list is endless. Should you be waiting until you are pregnant before doing exercises that prepare you for pregnancy and birth and after for that matter.

I think not. I suggest that any woman who is planning on becoming pregnant should start preparing her body as well.

Our Ante-natal classes now accommodate for the woman who plans to become pregnant also. Whether you planning a pregnancy, 6 weeks pregnant, 20 weeks pregnant or even 35 weeks pregnant you need to prepare yourself. When we are the best version of ourselves we can offer others so much more. Especially new babies.

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