Exercise tights -the ‘bare’ facts


Are you a gym and a fashion junkie? We are always looking for the best exercise tights to wear at the gym.
If you are like me they need to me not too hot, keep everything in, not get wet while you are sweaty and must look Ok while on ( because how many of us can really look good in tight pants)
So one day I bought some very expensive exercise tights, $196 each in fact, for my staff to wear at work. As physiotherapists we are always showing exercises or doing pilates style classes. I happened to be looking over when one of the girls bent over and I realised that you could see straight through these tights!
dry needling pain - Exercise tights -the 'bare' facts

To date we have supplied enough Neck Teks to our patients to cover the cost of building 5 water tanks/houses in the cyclone devastated area of Vanuatu.

Since then I have been watching classes at the practice and at the gym where I train to see how many pairs of tights are actually see through.

I have since discovered that there is a lot of them! This can especially be a worry if you are wearing a Gstring underneath or nothing so a few of my patients tell me.

Because of this I have endeavoured to find the tights that do not let everyone see what you have underneath.
Results have been interesting! If you thought that all of the expensive tights should not be see-through you would be wrong. (Remember my $196 ones) And if you thought that Target was just as good as any and that the other places were just trying to rip you off? Think again.

I found that both cheaper versions and more expensive versions were see-through.

Now apparently Rockwear tights have Supplex in them which makes them not see-through , so I am going to test out a pair of these to see. Anything that costs you $10 will be see through so please do not bother with these unless you are wearing a dress over the top.

The trick is to stretch the tights in the shop and hold them up to the light . The more you can see through them at the time the more they are see-through.
The stretchier they are the more see through they usually are but the thicker they are does not necessarily denote how see-through they are. Thick tights can be very hot but different materials wick the sweat away better. A wicking material may appear thin but if the fibres are closer together they will be less see-through also.

So if your tights are seethrough make sure you wear full coverage underwear that is also sweat wicking and of course have invisible panty line.

And just to really scare you, some of the expensive liners they sell as invisible pants under tights are so see-through you can see through the both when you bend over.

Stay tuned for individual reviews on these tights that I have been purchasing!!

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