Who Benefits From An Online Physio Consultation?

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Telehealth online consultations are great for anyone seeking physiotherapy no matter where you are. That said, they’re especially great for anyone who is living in rural or suburban areas but is unable for whatever reason to come into the clinic.

Of course, we’re unable to put our hands on you but physiotherapy treatments are not just hands-on. In many cases, patients respond much better when they are involved in a progressed clinical exercise regime and taught how to self treat to some extent.

At Graceville Physiotherapy, our pain slayers teach you how to use balls and rollers in order to self treat trigger points and tight muscles. These tools can be sent out to you but if this is not possible, there are always bits and pieces around your home that could be useful-  such as broomsticks, tennis balls and pool noodles! The more innovative the better.

If you have been into the clinic once for an initial assessment and treatment, but aren’t able to get into the clinic for a follow-up, telehealth is a great way to bridge that gap.  As we have already seen you in person, our physiotherapists have a pretty good idea of how you move and what is painful. Follow-ups are always essential after an initial visit so this is a great way to ensure that your treatment gets the best results.

Who Specifically Might Benefit From A Telehealth Consultation?


  • Expectant and new mothers

If you’re pregnant and unable to get into the clinic, or have just had your baby and are unable to get out of the house, telehealth physio is great. We can look at breastfeeding postures and give advice on how to minimise the risk of mastitis, neck pain and lower back pain while at home looking after your baby. 

Pregnant women often also get muscle cramps and muscle tightness, and the stretches and exercises to reduce this can easily be done via a telehealth consultation with our women’s health physio.

  • Those doing rehabilitation

There are many ways to treat and reduce pain that does not involve hands-on treatment. Sometimes the best form of treatment is to be given the correct advice. For example, anyone who is recovering from a post-operative procedure can be shown how to do exercises correctly and therefore maintain their rehabilitation without coming into the clinic. If you are unwell and are unable to come into the clinic this is a perfect time to take advantage of a telehealth consultation. You do not have to put up with pain just because you cannot get into the clinic.

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  • Those with respiratory issues

For those that have respiratory problems, such as asthma and other conditions, you may need to stay at home during flu season.  We can easily teach you breathing, diaphragm exercises and chest mobility exercises to help with these conditions via telehealth. It is very important to maintain your health if in any way you are home and unable to get to a clinic. This includes remaining mobile, including mobility in your chest and lungs, and remaining fit. Basically, you need to do some type of exercise that gets you moving so that your condition does not deteriorate.

  • Children and adults working at home

Our team also offer advice to parents with regards to their children – be it a postural issue or a movement problem. Children, students or desk workers who are doing schoolwork or any work at home may be sitting for long periods of time. They may also be sitting with poor posture and developing pain that can be stopped with the correct advice on how to sit, how long to sit, how to set up your desk, and more. Exercise programs can be designed particularly for those working from home to ensure that their bodies do not start to develop tightness and soreness from poor postures and habits that can be created while working from home.

Contact Graceville Physio today to book in a telehealth session to get started with your health while you’re at home.

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