Exercises for Hypothyroidism

Why manage hyperthyroidism with excersises?

People with hypothyroidism tend to be weak in their skeletal stabilisers. That means the muscles that lie close to the skeleton are not working well,  leading to poor posture and pain. This type of pain can be experienced in the neck, upper back, lower back, hips, knees, ankles and shoulders.

Simple posture and core stability exercises can help to avoid pain or reduce and eliminate pain that has already started.

The other benefit of doing these exercises is that they make you look good. As your posture improves, you look taller and slimmer – who wouldn’t want that!

Because hypothyroidism causes your metabolism to become sluggish and your energy levels to decrease, your body isn’t maintaining enough skeletal muscle to provide you with good posture.

hypothyroidismsymptoms1 300x293 - Did you know we do exercises for Hypothyroidism?

If you experience these issues, our Posture, Strength and Stability classes will help to improve your balance and prevent any serious injuries from falling.

See a physiotherapist for targeted exercises for hypothyroidism 

When you feel sluggish you don’t stand up straight and tend to rest a lot. This contributes to muscle loss, poor posture and pain. A decrease in these core muscles strength also leads to poor balance and then you become at risk of falling. Our posture clinical exercise programmes are perfect for those with hypothyroidism as we work on postural muscles and strengthening the core.

Another symptom of hypothyroidism is constipation.  All of the exercises we give you actually help to get your insides moving better.  It has been scientifically proven that sedentary lifestyle can lead to constipation. So why not get up and start moving instead of taking laxitives on a daily basis.

So that takes care of the physical. Our Naturopath/Nutritionist has a special interest in hypothyroidism and can get your digestive enzymes working better.  Did you know that people with hypothyroidism cannot absorb Vitamin B through the gut? This leads to more lethargy and weight gain.  A naturopath/nutritionist can get you on the right path so that the food you ingest actually gives you the nutrients you need.

What are you waiting for, make an appointment today to see how we can help you to feel and look better.

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