The Benefits of Online Antenatal and Postnatal Classes

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Are you a new or expectant mother, stressed that you’re not going to have the support you need in isolation? This unprecedented combination of factors can make it seem like the services you need are out of reach, but that’s not entirely true.

Preparation for childbirth is still a key thing on the mind of many women, even as they’re unable to attend a class. Opting for an online class can connect you with other women in the same situation as you, and help you prepare for the birth of your child and new motherhood.

What’s involved in an online antenatal or postnatal class?


At Graceville Physio, our classes are run via video to ensure you have the skills and security to ensure a stress-free birth so that you can enjoy your time with your little one. 

Our classes are small in numbers, to ensure that each person who attends gets the attention they need to ensure they’re getting the most benefits from the exercises and techniques. Run by a professional women’s health physiotherapist, you’ll be taught the best exercises to keep your body healthy and in the best shape for yourself and the baby.

We believe that it’s vital to remain active and work on developing your strength during your pregnancy. Our birth preparation classes and prenatal education classes include safe exercises for you to practice during our physio-led class, and also on your own.

What are the benefits of taking an online class?


The best part of taking an online class is that you get the same, if not more, benefits than an in person class. 

In most cases, you will receive more benefits from an online class than in person as you’ll learn the best ways to perform the exercises at home. This means you are more easily able to replicate the exercise when you are practicing between classes.

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You will generally also receive more attention from your physiotherapist, as they will be able to see everyone on the screen at once. This means everyone can move at the same pace and no one gets left behind, because your instructor will be able to see if you need a little extra instruction or guidance. 

Taking a pregnancy pilates class  or postnatal pilates class will have the added benefit of keeping you moving and ensuring you remain active throughout this time. Depending on what stage of your pregnancy you’re in, you may only be able to perform light exercises, making an antenatal, postnatal, or even a pilates class great options. 

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from taking the classes you need to prepare for your little one. At Graceville Physio, our aim is to help you live a healthy, pain-free life through caring, expert physiotherapy. We offer antenatal classes for women at any stage of pregnancy (or even if you’re still trying) and post-natal classes to help your body recover. Take the opportunity while you have extra time on your hands and get started with online antenatal and postnatal classes today. 

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