Common Golf Injuries – and how physiotherapy can help.

Whether you’re an avid or casual golfer, you may have at times experienced an ache, pain or injury. Improving your awareness of common injuries can help facilitate early identification and intervention from an experienced physiotherapist to help you get back on track and playing again with ease.

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1. Back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common issues from golf, which can be associated with the repetitive nature of the swing that places large rotational stress on the structures of your back. Golfers most typically experience pain in the lower back, and less frequently in the upper back, in between the shoulder blades.

A physiotherapist can assess your body and swing to help identify factors that contribute to back pain and can help with exercise prescription, activity modification and hands on therapy to help get you back on course. 

2. Rotator cuff injuries.

Shoulder pain with the golf swing is common and can occur in the muscles which act to stabilize the arm within the shoulder joint. These muscles are collectively known as the rotator cuff and are loaded as the arms move through a large amplitude of rotation throughout the swing.

A physiotherapist can assess the shoulder and create a plan for regular strength training and exercises that will enhance the mobility in your shoulders and back.

3. Golf elbow and tennis elbow.

Golfers elbow and tennis elbow are common conditions that can be caused by an overload of the tendons on the inside and outside of the elbow respectively. These conditions were traditionally called tendinitis, but improvements in the understanding of tendon pathology have led to the use of tendinopathies due to absence of traditional inflammation processes.

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Load management is an integral part in the rehabilitation of these conditions, which can involve modification of training load, and the prescription of appropriate exercises to facilitate healing of the tendons.

4. Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint of golfers, which can occur with repetition of large rotational force applied to the lower limbs during the swing, that can lead to injury or exacerbate existing pathologies, such as meniscal tears and osteoarthritis. An appropriate warm up can help to prepare the body and minimize the risk of injury.

5. Wrist injuries

Common wrist injuries associated with golf include ligament injuries, fractures and tendinopathies of the wrist or hand. It is important for a physiotherapist to assess wrist pain to accurately identify a wrist fracture, due to the nature of healing difficulties. Once fracture is excluded, a physiotherapist will recommend a series of exercises for the off season to condition and strengthen your forearms and wrists, minimizing this pain recurring.

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