5 Important Questions to ask your Physical Therapist

  1. Ask your physical therapist about their qualifications and special interests.

    In Australia, all physiotherapists must have a university physiotherapy degree and be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Each physiotherapist will have their own unique skillset, experiences and special interests, which can help you decide if they are the best physiotherapist for you. Our physiotherapists have skills ranging from neck and back pain to sports injuries, vertigo, women’s health and jaw pain amongst others.

  1. Ask your physical therapist about the services they offer.

    It is important to know what services your physiotherapist can offer you. Our physiotherapists offer a range of treatment options such as manual therapy, massage, blading, exercises, acupuncture and dry needling amongst others. We also offer several types of exercise classes as well as individual consultations.

important questions physical therapist - 5 Important Questions to ask your Physical Therapist
  1. Ask your physiotherapist for some exercises

    You will be surprised how many sit in front of the TV for hours at a time. This is not great for your lower back. Your physical therapist can advise you on how to perform these tasks as well as how long you should sit for or even how you should sit.

  2. Ask your physiotherapist for some advice on activities of daily living

    Some simple advice about how we do certain tasks such as vacuuming, sitting and lying in bed can have a significant impact on how fast we recover from pain. Your physiotherapist can give you excellent advice about how to perform tasks around the house, as well as what you can do regarding physical activity.

  1. Ask your physiotherapist about how you can keep in touch with them

    It is important to be able to contact your physiotherapist if you have any concerns. We are easily contactable via email (admin@painslayerphysio.com) and phone (3278 1886). We also have a Facebook and Instagram page, which has plenty of interesting content to help you manage your symptoms.

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