Methods For Natural Scar Removal Brisbane

If you’ve suffered an accident or had surgery, chances are you’ve been left with an ugly scar. While many people live with the appearance of their scar, using them as a reminder of overcoming hardship or perseverance, there’s a chance that deep scars can also cause issues with the underlying muscles and nerves.

At Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers, we specialise in treating scars to not only reduce their appearance but to ensure the muscle has completely healed underneath. We do this through a variety of natural therapies that encourage the muscles to knit back together without the side effects you’d get from laser or surgical procedures.

This treatment can also be paired with other sports physio or rehabilitation treatment, to ensure your whole body is functioning well and healing properly.

Contact us today to start natural scar removal Brisbane so you can start moving easier again.

What methods do we use for scar removal Brisbane?

We have three main methods of natural scar treatment. We find these work best for our patients and offer effective long-term results. Of course, every patient is different – you may receive one of these treatments or a combination.

  • Massage

The team at Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers will use effective massage treatment to manipulate the scar and promote elasticity. This keeps the muscle flexible and ensures leads to healthier blood flow throughout the tissue and healthier growth in the future.

natural scar removal treatment - Methods For Natural Scar Removal Brisbane
  • Taping

Using kinesiology tape, we’ll stretch the skin – and the scar – in the optimal direction. This creates space in the skin and muscle for increased blood flow and muscle movement.


  • Instrument-assisted mobilisation

Using a series of instruments, our team break up adhesions in the scar, where it has become too dense and immovable. This re-mobilises the area and allows for better muscle function.

In some cases, our experienced physios will need to perform additional treatment, such as lymphatic drainage for fluid buildup, dry needling, or even specific sports physio to ensure the best results.

Why Should I Get My Scar Treated?

While we do treat scars for cosmetic reasons, our main concern is how the muscles are healing. Dense muscles that have lost their elasticity can lead to further problems in the future or potentially other injuries.

Not only that, a tight scar can mean decreased mobility or less strength in the muscles, which means that you’re unable to live life to the fullest.

This is especially true for sportspeople, who may find that they’re getting scars from improperly healed strains or separated muscles. Our physiotherapists can develop a treatment plan to get you back out on the field in no time.

We also see a lot of women with scars from a cesarean procedure. Scar treatment, in tandem with other women’s health physio, will help your body recover from pregnancy and heal the abdominal muscles that are affected by this procedure.

natural scar treatment - Methods For Natural Scar Removal Brisbane

Choose Graceville Physio for your scar removal treatment.

Our goal is to provide the most effective treatment in the least invasive way. We believe that it’s always better to try a natural therapy before resorting to surgery or other such methods. Our expert physios are highly trained in all aspects of the body and will treat your scar for long term results.

Before we treat your scar, you will need to have an initial consultation with one of our team to learn about your history and your goals. This will help us to not only understand your scar but to choose the best treatment method for your specific needs. During this initial consultation, our trained physiotherapists will also be able to determine if you need any additional treatment to help strengthen other parts of your body to ensure no unneeded pressure is put on the site of the scar.

Contact Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers for scar treatment today.

The team at Graceville Physio are experts in the field, offering specialist care and natural treatments. We’re conveniently open after hours and on weekends so that you can make an appointment at a time that suits you.  

Additionally, our physiotherapists take the time to explain each exercise and provide you with a take-home treatment plan so that you can continue to effectively manage your scar treatment between appointments. Contact us today – we’ll help you achieve the best scar treatment in Brisbane

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