Total Knee Replacement Rehabilitation & Knee Rehab Made Easy With Graceville Physio

Undoubtedly, any knee injury or surgery, whether total knee replacement or an ACL injury can cause serious stress. In most cases, there is a long road of rehab and recovery before you can get back to where you once were. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a painful and difficult process if you work with a team like Graceville Physio.

Who can benefit from knee rehabilitation?

The knee is a sensitive area that undergoes a lot of strain. Repetitive use and high-impact sports can be enough to strain the ligaments and muscles that support the knee and cause an injury. Major tears often require surgical intervention. Physiotherapy will make you fully recover and get you back on track.

Knee rehab can take many forms and there are different treatment options available for various issues. Knee rehab is important and will speed up the recovery for a range of different conditions including:

  • Minor sports injuries 
  • ACL reconstruction 
  • Lateral meniscus tear
  • Knee reconstruction
  • Total knee replacements

A total knee replacement may be necessary in later years when the joint is beyond repair. Perhaps severe cartilage degradation or arthritis means that a new knee is essential for mobility and improved quality of life. This means invasive surgery with major implications on your physical mobility.

When should you start a program of knee rehabilitation? 

It is vital that you start walking and exercising the same day as the surgery for the best chance of full mobility and decreased pain. However, this is easier said than done on your own. Hospitals can provide a walker but what is more important is the right treatment and exercise plan post-surgery. The sooner you meet with a qualified physiotherapist, the sooner you will be back on track.

Knee rehab - How To Rehabilitate Total Knee Replacements & Injuries

So, what can you expect on your journey from surgery to recovery?


Your knee rehab journey begins with an assessment of your condition and limitations. Your physiotherapist will then create a personalised treatment plan to get you back on track as soon as possible. Your treatment plan will depend on a variety of factors, but can consist of the following:

  • Specific exercises that will strengthen the knee 
  • Remedial massage and other exercises to reduce scar tissue from the surgery
  • Exercises that can help with secondary postural issues caused by the knee 
  • Advice and aids to help with mobility 

Some of these treatments will be carried out with your physiotherapist at the practise or in gym facilities. Others may be aids and exercises that you can carry out at home. This brings us to the aftercare of knee rehabilitation. The best results come when you keep your knee mobile, use the best aids and follow the right exercise plan.

How long will knee replacement rehabilitation last? 

How long it will take to fully rehabilitate from a total knee replacement can vary depending on the severity of your condition and the treatment plan you are following. As a rule of thumb, those that show up for regular sessions and exercise appropriately at home will recover significantly faster than those who don’t. 

The general advice is that you can expect to be back to normal activity levels within 6 weeks. However, knee replacement rehab is complex and it could take up to 6 months before you are fully recovered. With the help of a physiotherapist, you give yourself the best chance of effective recovery.

Contact Graceville Physio to learn how we can help you recover

At Graceville Physio, we have a dedicated and experienced team of therapists that have been helping Brisbane residents effectively recover from total knee replacements and knee injuries for years. 

For your convenience, we have an onsite gym at our clinic in Graceville and at the Goodlife gym, which is also equipped with a pool for enhanced rehabilitation. Contact our friendly team today and let your journey to recovery begin.

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