Give Your Kids The Best Start In 2021 With Kids Physio

It’s a fact that children’s bodies are built differently and move differently to those that are fully grown. Because of this, children should see a physiotherapist who is experienced in treating children, especially during the school year when they’re sitting for long periods of time and carrying heavy backpacks.

The children’s physiotherapists at Graceville Physio are skilled in the knowledge of the development of children, particularly when it comes to movement. This is a very important area of development and allows children the freedom to explore how their bodies move and gives them the sensory input to process the environment they are in.

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What is kids physio?

Children’s physio works to assess any potential issues that children are susceptible to and put in place an exercise plan to ensure your child has a free range of movement. 

This can cover a range of areas such as:

  • Children who use unusual patterns to move like w-sitting or toe walking
  • Children who have difficulty with motor skills, such as jumping/hopping or ball skills
  • Treatment following an injury or trauma where children need specific rehabilitation to get back to their best

So what are the benefits of physio for kids?

The main benefits of physio for kids is that your children have the support they need for their continued development. 

Our aim at Graceville Physio is to ensure that the health and wellbeing of each child is optimal, so that they reach their potential and easily enjoy everyday activities like playing or going to school.

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What should I expect during a children’s physio appointment?

During your children’s physio appointment we will:

  • complete a thorough physical assessment to get a full picture of your child’s developmental history
  • assess your child’s overall development and motor function, using our observation skills, and hands on assessment techniques.
  • identify what your child is doing well, what they might be having difficulty with, and figure out why they’re having difficulties.
  • develop a treatment program in collaboration with you and your child, which aims to address any identified difficulties and maximise the abilities and potential that your child has.

Treatment will include providing a range of activities or exercises that your child can do at home or school that will help their progress. It may also include trial and prescription of splints or other equipment that may help to support your child’s development, and in some cases, a referral to any other health professionals that might provide additional insight into the care of your child.

Take the opportunity to help give your child the best start to the school year. Get in touch with the team at Graceville Physio today to take advantage of physio for your child. Our goal is to help every patient live pain-free, no matter what age they may be.

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