The Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

Whatever stage you’re at in life, keeping fit is a very important part of every stage. Clinical pilates is a form of exercise treatment tailored to ensuring that your body stays active. This can be used on it’s own, as simply a way to keep active and mobile, or as part of a treatment pathway aimed at getting you the results that match your goals.

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So what are the exact benefits of attending ongoing clinical pilates classes?

  • Not just exercise, but treatment

Pilates is often seen as a casual exercise class, but clinical pilates takes it to the next step and ensures that these ongoing classes can be used as part of a treatment plan. Participation in classes can help reduce the risk of muscles tightening again after your initial  treatment consultations. Tight muscles can be a contributing factor to many injuries that occur, so keeping your muscles in good condition will minimise the risk of future injuries as well.

  • Minimise aches and pains

Attending regular clinical pilates classes will help to reduce the strain on your back, neck, hips, knees, shoulders and more as you learn how to stretch, strengthen  and better treat the areas of your body that are in pain. At Graceville Physio, our clinical pilates are limited to 5 participants, which means that we’re able to give you as the participant the attention you need in order to address your unique situation.

  • Improved balance and stability

Pilates is different from other types of exercise in that it focuses on the stability  of the body in a variety of functional positions. The focus is on the core strength and the strength of the muscles that are closest to the joints that then help with overall stability and therefore reduce the risk of injury. The idea is to maintain the control around the joints through a functional  range of motion, and gradually increase the strength and stability so that the body is protected in all directions that are needed to perform daily activities. . This increases overall stability, which is crucial for balance – meaning those who practice pilates regularly may be less at risk of falling or tripping.

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  • Better posture and confidence

Improving your body and making it stronger, more limber, and more flexible has an added benefit of improving your posture. This will not only reduce any back or neck pain you may be experiencing but you will also see an improvement in your self confidence and the way you carry yourself.  

  • Increased strength in your muscles

As you work through your clinical pilates exercises and treatment, you will find that you will see an improvement in your core strength, meaning you will be able to sit or stand for longer periods of time – which is a great benefit for those who are in sedentary lines of work. You will also find that due to a better base of support for your skeleton, you will be able to lift heavier items without straining.

Make Sure You Trust Graceville Physio For Clinical Pilates In Brisbane

Clinical pilates focuses on transforming your body from the inside out, and it’s our goal to make sure you receive all of the benefits that come from this stream of treatment. At Graceville Physio, we run small clinical pilates classes so that we can focus on technique and ensure that you’re getting all the benefits out of it. We want you to live a healthy, pain free life and live in a body you love.  Engaging in regular clinical pilates is a great way to achieve this. Get in touch with us today to book  your initial pilates assessment and find out which clinical pilates class might be right for you.

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