Banish Knee Pain From Running For Good With Graceville Physio

Many runners develop knee pain from running at some point. Graceville Physio can help you determine the reasons for your pain and provide therapeutic solutions. We also provide preventative aids to stop future running injuries to the knee. 

Anyone that runs frequently – whether professionally or as a hobby – knows that knee pain is a possibility. It is easy to pick up discomfort and pain after a long run. However, it is important that we minimise the risk of this discomfort turning into an injury or chronic condition. Graceville Physio can help with all kinds of issues related to knee pain from running.

Knee pain from running 2 - What You Need To Know About Knee Pain From Running

What are some of the most common reasons for knee pain after running?


Various studies have been carried out into running injuries and the prevalence of knee injuries in runners. The knee is always at the top of the list as the area with the most injuries.

This is understandable when we consider the high impact of running on the joints and ligaments surrounding the knee, especially when running on hard surfaces such as asphalt. Your legs make repetitive strikes against the hard surface of the road and the knees absorb a lot of the impact. The repetitive motion in the joint also increases the likelihood of tears and strains.

A 2018 report from the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine showed the knee accounted for 28% of injuries compared to 26% for the feet and ankles combined. This rate also increases for female runners. Injuries can vary from minor to major issues and can include the following: 

  • Minor sprains to tendons around the knee 
  • Tendonitis from overuse if you have stepped up your workouts 
  • Runner’s knee – which irritates the cartilage of the kneecap 
  • Major tears to the Meniscus, MCL or ACL 

Ongoing issues like runners knee may not be as severe as a tear. These tears often require surgical intervention and rehabilitation. But, it is important that you take care of any repetitive knee issue or small sprain before it gets worse.

How can physiotherapy help with knee pain from running?

Effective physiotherapy from qualified therapists will help you improve your knee condition so that you can get back to running at full capacity again. After an initial assessment of your posture, pain and mobility, you will then start on a personalised treatment plan together with your physiotherapist.

The options chosen by your physiotherapist will depend on the injury and its severity. However, possible options include the following: 

  • Postural exercises to improve your motion transfer while running 
  • Strengthening and conditioning exercises for the legs, hip and core 
  • Remedial massage for injuries to the knee 
  • Heat therapy for tendonitis 
  • Dry needling 


Your physiotherapist will also look closer at what causes your knee pain to provide corrections where possible while also making sure your running technique is correct and your shoes provide enough support. This will help prevent further injuries while improving your condition.

Preventative care and support are essential for preventing jaw pain from running


This last factor is just as important. The fact that knee injuries are so common means that every runner needs to take greater care to prevent them. The last thing that you want to do is aggravate an old injury or add to the problem with a new one.

Additional support may include advice on running aids and tips on warm-up exercises. Try to cover all the bases as it is better to be safe than sorry. Look at corrective footwear, knee strapping for running and some basic stretches.

Contact Graceville Physio to learn more about physio for running

If you are an avid runner with a niggling sprain, a major injury or just in need for some advice, talk to our team today. We also offer strength classes for runners to make you more resistant to knee injuries. We will help you ensure that your knee pain from running is a thing of the past.  

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