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What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists who have special interest in sport strive to get the best from their clients.

Sports physiotherapy involves assessment of the client’s particular movement faults, correction and strengthening exercises help them to correct these faults. These correction and strengthening exercises help the sports person to perform to their ultimate ability.

Sports physiotherapy can also involve massage either by a physiotherapist or a qualified remedial massage.

This specialised massage involves muscle, tendon and connective tissue massage. Sometimes this massage is quite deep and can also involve strengthening of these muscles.

Sports physiotherapy will also involve stretching techniques to avoid tight structures. This helps create perfect technique with regards to movement as stretching and correct utilisation of muscles create balance through the body. Bodies in balance function better than those not.

The use of acupuncture or dry needling in sports physiotherapy has been shown to have great benefits in speeding up recovery of muscles and tendons that have been injured.

Physiotherapists can gain “Western Acupuncture or Dry Needling” qualifications by attending “Australian Physiotherapy Association Approved Courses”. We have found in our clinic, dry needling or western acupuncture to be an invaluable tool.

Our physiotherapists and exercises physiologists support the Taringa Rovers Football Club.