How can Physiotherapy help pain ?

Physiotherapy relates to therapy of the body,and helping the body to heal itself.

By definition it is `Physical Therapy` .

At Graceville Physiotherapy, we believe that when you have the physical body working at its best ,it  promotes an overall feeling of wellness and therefore a reduction in pain.

Let me explain. if you have pain , you usually will move incorrectly. Muscles that are not normally used are overused. Such as in the case of having a sore back. You tend to lean forwards , have trouble getting out of a chair,turning over in bed ,and sitting itself is painful,for example.

The increased `work` of these extra muscles requires energy.This is why you feel tired ,when you have injury,or disease.It is the body telling you `REST ! `

If these poor movement patterns remain in place for as little as a week or so , they become `normal` , in the `eyes` of the brain.The movement patters or `engrams` (i.e `movement pattern videos` ) in the brain , are altered and reinforced. You are then in a negative feedback cycle.

The first ,and most important thing the physiotherapist does is identify this ,and inform you about it.

We have seen thousands of patients in our 25+ years of clinical practice at Graceville Physiotherapy ,and i hear this everyday `I should have called you earlier..`

This simple assessment and instruction , we have found ,goes about 40% towards resolving the problem.
The rest of the process involves specific techniques for resolving inflammation (cold therapy,therapeutic ultrasound,compression,joint support and offloading of the pressure on the area),specific exercises (to firstly correct the imbalances as described previously),and strengthening exercises to help with prevention of further injury.

Other exercise techniques Physiotherapists use are stretches,core pilates based programs,balance and agility drills for sports injuries,and are designed to suit the individual.

The Physiotherapists at Graceville are also skilled in hands on based treatments. These include spinal and peripheral joint mobilizations,soft tissue massage,deep tissue release,and trigger point therapy.

So , in summary,the most important thing to note is `DON`T LEAVE IT TOO LONG`. At least CALL US and get some advice over the phone.

Generally , the Physiotherapist can give some advice when you call.(Unless they have their hands TOO full!)

“I love going to see George ,Angela , Molly , Christina and Jolene ,as they all look after me well “

Pat from Corinda

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