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Finding it hard to stand up from sitting ?- Sit to stand made easy

Category: blog

How to get up from sitting to standing with ease. Standing up from a seated position can become quite difficult for some of us with knee pain, especially as you get older.  Quite often I watch older people trying to stand up and they are pushing on the arms of their chair, using a lot […]

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5 Important Questions to ask your Physical Therapist

Category: Physiotherapy

Ask your physical therapist about their qualifications and about where their special interests lie. You will be able to ascertain how interested they are in you! Ask your physical therapist for exercises. Never leave an appointment without an exercise or some form of homework. This could be as simple as “never crossing your legs when […]

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Different Types of Physiotherapy

Category: Physiotherapy

There are many different types of physiotherapy available for a whole multitude of ailments. Most people are familiar with physiotherapy associated with sports injuries or spinal pain. Other types of physiotherapy include treatment for … Respiratory conditions including asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema – treatments deal with correct breathing techniques, positioning for optimum lung expansion and […]

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