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Spring is here!

We all accumulate strain and tension with daily life, work or sporting activities and sometimes feel a bit stiff or sore as a result.

Getting an annual ‘tune-up’ from your Physiotherapist can not only decrease your pain, but also correct any issues before they lead to degenerative changes. Rather than waiting for issues to arise we highly recommend our tune ups to keep you in great condition and pain free!

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Avoiding overuse injuries

Whether you work in an office, school, store or have a job that requires manual handling, there are common injuries & complaints that we see in the clinic. Many of these injuries happen over time and are known as ‘overuse injuries”. In these cases there are a few common factors that contribute to a build up of niggling pain over time and then, one day, your pain increases seemingly out of nowhere while you’re performing everyday, routine tasks.

This is a pattern that we hear of frequently, especially in the case of overuse injuries, and there are many ways that our physiotherapists can help you to get back on your feet. Overuse injuries can often take a while to fully rehabilitate to a point where the risk of your pain returning is minimal. So – make sure you are ready to put in the hard yards!

Lower back pain

The most common cause of time off work, reduced daily function and source of discomfort is lower back pain. People who experience back pain will find that it’s an ongoing problem and often experience it more than once. Studies show that even after the first episode of lower back pain, the deep core muscles of your body activate differently. This affects the stability of your spine and can lead to you having a lower tolerance for being in certain positions for long periods of time. It can also mean that it takes less time for the next episode of back pain to occur.

What can I do if I get back pain?

  • Use a heat or cold pack. This provides short term relief of the pain.
  • It is important to remain active, as this will help keep your back muscles from getting too tight and to relieve the pain. Doctors orders of bed rest is out of the question!
  • Make an appointment with your local physio. The most effective treatment for this type of pain is a specific, targeted exercise plan that restores and improves movement control.

It is important that you follow your physios recommendation about exercising. We often see people a few times, they improve, don’t return and then we see them a few months later for the same issue. To make sure that you minimise the chance of recurrence, you must follow through with the exercises in your treatment plan and continue, despite the absence of pain.

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Seniors Week 2019

We had a great turn out for our recent ‘Seniors Week’ event held at the Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre.  We teamed up with the fab Podiatrists from the Queensland Foot Centres, Will and Mitch, to hold a free event focused on providing locals with assessments of posture, balance, foot health and foot wear.  It was great to see so many locals attend to join in our fun ‘strength and balance’ class and then get checked by our teams.

Did you know …

We offer a regular ‘STRENGTH AND BALANCE’ class on Mondays at 11.30 at the Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre located in Thallon Street, Sherwood.

Entry is only a $3 donation to the Neighbourhood centre. No need to book in .. just come along!

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We offer massage appointments Monday to Wednesday and now also Saturday!

We have extended our Massage appointment days to include Saturdays!  If you have poor posture, sit at a desk all day, stressed or struggling to get a good nights rest then a massage could be good for you!

We offer 60min, 45min and 30min appointments.  Call to Book!

Why our Physio led exercise classes could be good for you!

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Our initial assessment before attending an exercise class allows our Physio to identify the areas that need to be worked on, unique to you, and understand the reasons behind any problems with movement or your health. Understanding your medical history gives more insight in how best to help you get the most from our classes.

Combining our Physiotherapists knowledge of the body, injury, recovery and movement with our one on one assessment will reassure you that each class exercise you are asked to do will be appropriate for you and your body.


You are safe and being looked after by our Physiotherapist in class and can feel reassured you will be doing the best thing for you body right now. Each exercise can be modified specifically to you and the level you are at.  If you are recovering from an injury the exercises can be altered to suit your stage of rehabilitation.

Our hands on approach will have you feeling your best as soon as possible


If you have a problem with dizziness or BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) then come in and see our Physiotherapists Molly or Christiana. Often only one or two treatments are needed to help settle this condition.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a physiotherapy technique focusing on pain relief and it often goes hand in hand with our treatments here at Graceville Physio.  Dry needling is performed by our Physios who have gained the extra qualifications necessary to practice Dry Needling.  Dry needling is used primarily for decreasing muscle tightness and spasm, pain relief, correct activation of muscles and muscle relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a specialised massage technique that is performed by our Physiotherapist Gabi. If you are suffering from swelling associated with lymphodema then call to make an appointment with Gabi today.

Your physiotherapist can assess your injury and develop a treatment plan that will both restore you to the best
possible function and prevent further injuries. If concerned always see a medical professional for advice on your
individual injury.

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