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Some Surprising Facts About Posture

Your posture is one of the first things other people notice about you and can affect so much more in your life than just spinal health. Healthy posture has been linked to better respiratory health and has even been shown to affect your confidence. In this article, we explore a few other surprising facts about posture.

Ideal posture doesn’t mean having a straight back. Many people think having good posture means standing as straight as possible with your shoulders pulled back.

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This is actually a relatively unnatural posture and requires a lot of energy to maintain. Ideal posture, where the spine rests in it’s most comfortable and strongest position, is where the neck has a gentle curve backwards, the thoracic is curved gently forwards and the lower back curves back again. These curves create an elongated ‘S’ shape and can be seen when viewing a person from side on.

There are four common postural patterns other than ‘ideal posture’. For those who don’t have ideal posture, four common variations are seen, these are; kyphosis (excessive curve of the thoracic region), lordosis (excessive curve of the lower back), flat back (loss of the normal spinal curves) and sway back (where the pelvis is pushed in front of your centre of gravity and the upper body leans back to compensate)

Each of these postures is often accompanied by a typical pattern of joint and muscle stiffness that can lead to pain and injury. Your physio is able to assess your posture and identify any ways this may be contributing to your pain. They can also help you to change your posture with strategies to increase spinal mobility and strength.

Regular movement is just as important as your posture. While ideal posture has been shown to reduce the amount of stress and tension found in the spinal muscles, holding yourself rigidly in one position is also not healthy. Ideally, our spines will be flexible and able to move through their full range without pain or stiffness. Regular movement is the key to healthy joints, including the spine. If you finding yourself sitting or standing for long periods, try to find time to stretch as well as working on your posture.

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Personality type has been linked to postural patterns. A study by S. Guimond and others in 2014 showed a surprising link between personality type and posture. They found that extraverted personalities were much more likely have an ‘ideal posture’ or excessive spinal curves than Introverted personalities and introverted personalities were more likely to have ‘flat’ or ‘sway back’ postures. They were unable to determine if personality influenced posture, vice versa or there was a hidden third factor such as pain.

People of any age can benefit from postural correction. If you are concerned about your posture the pain slayers can conduct a detailed assessment of your posture and design a program to help correct it.



Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM)

Have you struggled to stretch a particular muscle out such as your quad? Or do you always feel tight despite getting remedial massages? Blading can help you with this issue! This tool assists in sending specific messages to the brain to encourage the muscles to relax. It is thought to help relax the fascia (this tissue wraps around the muscles). The blade does look deadly but it really is harmless. Patient’s are left feeling relaxed, with nil bruising and most of all the result is an improvement in movement.

We even now have patients that come in specifically for blading, some are wanting to buy the device to use it at home! Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions in regards to this or better still come in and try it for yourself. Graceville Physio also offer Scar Treatment in Brisbane.

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Need a massage? We offer a premium massage service with our experienced remedial massage therapist Jeannette Weavers.

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Dry Needling

We have found in our clinic that most sporting injuries benefit from dry needling as well as ….

  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches & Chronic Pain
  • Elbow & wrist tendonitis in tennis & golfers elbow
  • Rotator cuff problems (shoulder)
  • Foot & ankle problems such as Achilles tendonitis

Dry needling is performed by our Physios who have gained the extra qualifications necessary to practice Dry Needling. Dry Needling is used primarily for decreasing muscle tightness & spasm, pain relief, correct activation of muscles & muscle relaxation

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