June Newsletter

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Whether you are a seasoned athelete or a weekend warrior, if you sustain an injury or have a recurring issue you need to get treated then we are here to help. 

Sports Injury?

Don’t let injury hold you back

If you get injured over the weekend we can help. We now have convenient Saturday and Sunday appointments available. Get your injury treated as soon as possible.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Our Sports Physio Graceville focus on preventing, diagnosing and treating sports injuries. By focusing on these 3 areas our physiotherapists will help you gain optimal performance and recovery in your choosen sport, whether this is professionaly or recreational.

When it comes to sport, injury management is an essential part of optimising your performance while keeping your body intact. If you are looking for sports physio treatments, you’ve come to the right place. Graceville Physio’s sports injury specialists can help you strengthen weak areas of your body, prevent future injury and recover from an existing injury.

Understanding the cause of your sports injury, in combination with your movement habits, will assist our physiotherpists to create a personalised  treatment plan that will not only offer you short term relieve, but a long-term solution. 
Part of our physiotherapists experience included specific stretching techniques to avoid tight structures and allows ease of movement through out the whole body. This not only helps with painless movemnent when playing sport but also helps create perfect technique. Bodies in balance function better in all types and levels of sport. 

Tennis Elbow .. signs, symptoms, causes and treatment

Tennis elbow is a common overuse injury and usually has a gradual onset. It is characterised by pain on the outside of the elbow, tightness or pain of the forearm muscles and pain with gripping objects.  Occasionally, you may experience pins & needles or numbness in the forearm or fingers. These symptoms usually point to lateral epicondylalygia, or tennis elbow.

It is an indication that the muscles are doing repetitive actions which they are not strong enough for.This causes micro tears within the muscle and tendon, thus resulting in pain.  Tennis elbow is an injury which takes time to rehabilitate properly because there are many factors that need to be altered in order to prevent recurrence.

Factors that need to be addressed include

– Repetitive action

– Lots of typing or gripping?

– A change in desk ergonomics

– Altering tasks at work to avoid gripping

By altering all the possible aggravating factors, the forearm is given the best chance to heal. It is important to avoid/minimise the aggravating factors to allow healing to be successful and allowing you to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible.  Rehabilitation is likely to include massage, stretching and gentle strengthening exercises. It may also include treatment of your neck, if this is contributing to your symptoms. Strengthening is a slow process and generally takes 4-6 weeks for muscles to adapt. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t notice a difference for at least one month.

Feeling elbow or arm pain now? Book in to see one of our Physiotherapists for assessment, treatment and a gentle strengthening program today.

Molly and Mel - June Newsletter
rotary fun run 2019 - June Newsletter

The Pain Slayers are proud supporters of school, club and community events and have had a super busy month attending events locally.

As significant sponsor of UQ Bullsharks Rugby Club we are currently providing sports trainer support for junior home games. Recently Molly and Mel attended a ‘Women in Rugby’ event held at the club and Naren and Will enjoyed a long lunch fundraising event hosted by the club.

Our Physios Naren and Will attended this years Sherwood State School fete. It’s our 15th year supporting this wonderful annual event.  

We were pleased to provide sponsorship for the 2019 Rotary Fun Run and entered a team again this year. 

We continue to support the Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre with our weekly Physio led community exercise class and look forward to being involved in upcoming seniors week activities to be held later this year.  

We are sponsoring two teams in the 2019 30km Coastrek in support of the Fred Hollows Foundation. We are currently running Calf, Knee and Glute Strengthening classes with all proceeds going to charity.


Want to try a class that builds strong legs? We are holding a special one off class at Anytime Fitness Rocklea on Saturday 29th June at 10am … All proceeds will go to our Coastreck teams fundraising efforts for the Fred Hollows Foundation.  No need to book and everybody is welcome!


Is it your birthday this month?  If so make sure to select a gift from under our birthday tree!  This is our way of wishing you all the best on your special day. We have lots of goodies on offer! 


vertigo 300x117 - June NewsletterDo you feel off balance, suffer from dizziness or experience a spinning sensation?  … we can help.


If you are experiencing dizzy spells or vertigo it’s likely you may be suffering from BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), a term used to describe episodes of dizziness that occur very suddenly when your head is moved around. If left untreated the condition can last for weeks or even months and is very uncomfortable.Our Senior Physiotherapists Christina and Molly treat many of the clients that come in with Vertigo symptoms. Many clients experience relief after one treatment, however sometime follow up appointments are needed.Our physiotherapists will also give clients instructions and gentle exercises to help in their recovery.So if you have a problem with any dizziness related or BPPV then come in and see one of our physiotherapists for a consultation.

Remedial Massage

Our massage appointments are available Monday to Wednesday.  Tight or aching muscles after a weekend of exercising? –  A remedial massage will help release and relieve tension.  Perhaps you just need a little pampering? – If so our massage therapist Jeannette will look after you with a gentle relaxation massage.

Dry Needling

We have found in our clinic that most sporting injuries benefit from dry needling as well as ….

  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches & Chronic Pain
  • Elbow & wrist tendonitis in tennis & golfers elbow
  • Rotator cuff problems (shoulder)
  • Foot & ankle problems such as Achilles tendonitis

Dry needling is performed by our Physios who have gained the extra qualifications necessary to practice Dry Needling. Dry Needling is used primarily for decreasing muscle tightness & spasm, pain relief, correct activation of muscles & muscle relaxation

Need a Remedial or Relaxation Massage?

We would love to reward you! | Refer a friend and receive a half hour massage for free! Our Master of Massage Jeannette will have you floating out the door after a session with her.

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