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balance - August Newsletter

Come along to our FREE fun event focused on seniors health and well being or ask us about our regular seniors classes held here at the clinic.

QLD Seniors week

This month we are shining a light on our valued senior members of the community as QLD celebrates Seniors Week. We want to give you the tools to keep yourself active, healthy and pain free!


Let us come to you!

We offer a mobile physio service if you are unable to get into the clinic. Our physiotherapists can come to your home to provide treatment. Call 3278 1186.

Don’t let age hold you back

Locals are encouraged to head down to the Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre on Monday 19th August.

At 11.30am we will be holding a FREE Strength and Balance class run by the Pain Slayer Physios.  The one hour class will work on improving flexibility, maintaining mobility and having fun! You’ll be shown some great exercises that you can do as part of a home program as well!

At 12.30pm the Pain Slayer Physio team together with Podiatrists from the Queensland Foot Centres will hold FREE screening sessions where participants can get

  • An assessment of their feet and advice on appropriate footwear (It will be beneficial if you could wear your everyday shoes to this session for tips).
  • An assessment of posture and balance and advice on age appropriate exercises and fall prevention.

Seniors will be in good hands with help, advice and support from local health experts at this free event. Booking are not required… just turn up!  Participants will also receive a complimentary gift bag and afternoon tea!

Did you know you can get stronger when you’re older! … Improvements in strength and physical function are possible in your 60s, 70s, and even 80s and older, with an appropriate exercise program. Progressive resistance training, in which muscles are exercised against resistance that gets more difficult as strength improves, has been shown to prevent frailty.  Keeping active will also help reduce your risk of falls.  Our weekly strength and balance classes are an excellent way to work on improving your strength, balance, flexibility, core strength and posture as you get older.

shoulder - August Newsletter3 reasons to see your Physiotherapist

Most people associate physiotherapy with pain and injury management.  While helping you recover from pain is our speciality, physiotherapists are also able to help with many more issues.  Here are three things that you may not have thought to visit a physiotherapist for.

Stiffness and Inflexibility – Almost all of us have experienced pain and stiffness after a day of increased or unaccustomed exercise. This kind of stiffness usually wears off quickly, and is referred to as DOMS (delayed onset muscles soreness). If however, you find yourself feeling stiff for longer periods, or even most the time – it might be time to see a physiotherapist.

There are many different causes of stiffness and inflexibility; by far the most common is lack of movement. Our joints and muscles both lose flexibility if they are not regularly moved all the way through their range. Muscles can feel short and tight with a bouncy feeling of restriction and joints are more of a hard ‘blocked’ feeling when you try to move.

For this kind of stiffness, you may not even notice that you have lost range, as it can be very easy to adapt your movements to compensate. Your physiotherapist can help you to identify where you have areas of inflexibility and help you to exercise, stretch and mobilise your joints to get them back to a healthy range.

Disease processes such as Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis can also cause prolonged stiffness and your physiotherapist is well equipped to help you deal with these conditions.


Reduced Strength or Weakness – There are many reasons for weakness in the body, from generalised disuse, weakness in one muscle group following injury, neurological weakness or structural weakness of joint following an injury. Weakness of any kind can predispose you to future injury and can be surprisingly difficult to resolve without targeted exercises. Your physiotherapist is able to determine the cause of your weakness and determine the best treatment to restore your muscle strength.

Reduced Balance – Keeping your balance is a very complicated process and your body works hard to make sure you stay on your feet. Humans have a very small base of support for our height and we use all our senses together to determine which movements we should make to stay upright, including our visual, vestibular, muscular and sensory systems. As balance is so important, if one part of our senses begins to weaken, the others will quickly compensate, so you may not notice that your balance has worsened until you fall or trip over.

As a general rule, our balance deteriorates as we age but this does not mean that falls should be an inevitable part of ageing. Actively working to mainatin or improve your balance can have a significant effect on your quality of life and confidence in getting around. Your physiotherapist is able to test all the aspects of your balance and provide effective rehabilitation to help keep you on your feet.

tradieswebsite - August NewsletterTRADIES NATIONAL HEALTH MONTH

Tradies are pretty spot-on at looking after their tools and utes, but what about their most important tool of all – their body? Research by the Australia Physiotherapy Association shows that tradies are almost twice as likely to look after their tools as their body, which is why so many tradies go home each day with aches and pains.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Physios are highly trained and experienced to help with all sorts of soft tissue injuries and pain associated with repetitive workloads on backs, shoulders and knees.  Early treatment of niggles will reduce the likelihood of lost time and the risk of further injury, so add a physio to your health toolkit. You’ll get expert advice, treatment and an exercise plan designed just for you. Head to the APAs tradies health page for some great tips too!


Remedial Massage

Our massage appointments are available Monday to Wednesday.  Tight or aching muscles after a weekend of exercising? –  A remedial massage will help release and relieve tension.  Perhaps you just need a little pampering? – If so our massage therapist Jeannette will look after you with a gentle relaxation massage.

Dry Needling
We have found in our clinic that most sporting injuries benefit from dry needling as well as ….
  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches & Chronic Pain
  • Elbow & wrist tendonitis in tennis & golfers elbow
  • Rotator cuff problems (shoulder)
  • Foot & ankle problems such as Achilles tendonitis

Dry needling is performed by our Physios who have gained the extra qualifications necessary to practice Dry Needling. Dry Needling is used primarily for decreasing muscle tightness & spasm, pain relief, correct activation of muscles & muscle relaxation

Need a Remedial, Relaxation or Pregnancy Massage?

We would love to reward you! | Refer a friend and receive a half hour massage for free! Our Master of Massage Jeannette will have you floating out the door after a session with her.

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