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Can I do Pilates exercises at any Age?

Pilates exercises can be performed at any age. We have had clients as young as 3 years attending for pilates based programs to help with their balance, movement and development. We also have clients in their 90’s who attend for Pilates for surprisingly, similar reasons, balance and mobility. Pilates exercises benefits anyone at any age.

Here is a list of clients Pilates exercises may benefit.

  • 3-5 year olds- pre schoolers

To help with their functional development.

  • 5-10 year olds- junior school

Helps with postural development and strength. Helps the child to be able to sit well. aid sin developing good handwriting skills. Improves technique in all sport.

  • 10-17 year olds

Helps with growth development during rapid growth years. Maintain good posture as growth is occurring. Improves technique in all sport.

  • 17-21 year olds

Helps to maintain good posture during the main study years. Gives a good strong support base for those doing manual work or entering work forces that require a lot of strength ie. Builders, mechanics, surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, hairdressers, nurses- just to name a few. Also important in secretary jobs such as accounting, brokers, reception staff and desk workers as Pilates exercises help with postural stability in sitting.

  • 21-35 year olds

A very active time in your life where sport and active lifestyles play a major role. Helps to increase performance in sport and give you the strength for an active lifestyle.

  • 35 – 60 year olds

Parenting and working requires strength and stability. A balanced body through Pilates exercises helps those in this age group perform these tasks with ease and grace.

  • 60 + year olds

A very important age group as the body begins to ‘wear out’. We need to keep it as ‘strong’ as possible and as ‘balanced’ as possible. Pilates exercises do just that. They improve Strength, Balance and Posture.