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Looking For A Tailored Physiotherapy Treatment To Alleviate Your Pain & Provide Long-Term Relief?

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Meet Our Team

1 - Brisbane Physio

Angela Melit

Principal Physiotherapist & Chief of Team Motivation

2 - Brisbane Physio

Jen Willmington

Chief of Customer Relations

4 - Brisbane Physio

George Melit

Principal Physiotherapist & Chief of Hands on Techniques

5 - Brisbane Physio

Meris Tan

Physiotherapist & Chief of Team Rehabilitaiton

3 - Brisbane Physio

Joni Levine

Physiotherapist & Chief of Results Based Treatment

7 - Brisbane Physio

Molly Cartledge

Physiotherapist & Chief of Movement Analysis

6 - Brisbane Physio

Michael Christensen

Physiotherapist & Chief of Sport & Injury Management

8 - Brisbane Physio

Mooni Lui

Remedial Massage Therapist

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Extended Opening Hours

Open till 7pm Monday to Friday, along with extended opening hours on weekends, you’re sure to find a time to come in that will suit your busy life and work schedule.

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Large, Highly Qualified Team

The best physiotherapists in Brisbane – all in the one place; the size and skillset of our team allows us to book your appointment in sooner, and treat your pain faster.

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Hands On Approach

Your physiotherapist will provide as much value as possible to you during your session, meaning less take-home exercises and more physical, direct relief of your pain.

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Personalised, Attentive Service

You’ll benefit from having access to your own personal physiotherapist for the entire duration of your appointment, providing you the utmost consistency of care.

Experts In Pain Relief

Eliminate The Pain You’re Facing. Ensuring It Never Returns Again.

Are You Suffering From Any Of The Following?

Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain

Sports Related Injuries

Workplace Injury

Vertigo or Dizziness

Lung & Respiratory Conditions

Arthritis or Joint Pain

Then get in touch now using the button below, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your treatment options and returning you to a pain-free life as quickly as possible.

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At Graceville Physio, we aim to relieve and remove your pain in as efficient a manner as possible. We won’t unnecessarily prescribe repeat visits, or lock you into expensive contracts: everything we do is designed around the overarching goal of returning you to a comfortable and pain-free life as quickly as possible.

With a higher-level service, faster pain relief and access to some of the best physiotherapists, treatment and advice in Brisbane, it’s time to experience sustained relief from pain – book your appointment today.

Or Call 07 3278 1186

Experts In Women’s Health

Graceville Physio offers a range of pregnancy-based services. Our pre and post pregnancy treatments include a combination of hands on massage, advice and specific exercises to help for the stage of pregnancy or post pregnancy. We have had many years of treating general women’s health issues particularly pregnancy based problems.

It is our goal to be there for you long-term, providing sustained health, wellness and fitness support through every stage of your life. Get in touch today and speak to us today for a customised treatment that will return you to a pain-free life.

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NDIS Physiotherapists

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Looking for an NDIS physiotherapist in Graceville or Brisbane? If you are, you’ve come to the right place.

At Graceville Physio, a common question we get is: Do you have a physio package that is approved with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The answer is yes – we do provide services to patients who have funding with the NDIS.

We are happy to see plan or self managed NDIS patients as we are not actually registered with the NDIS.

Where We’re Located

Graceville Quarter Building, 2/296 Oxley Rd, Graceville, QLD

Our main clinic on Oxley Road provides an entire suite of physiotherapy, sports physio and pregnancy services, as well as a full range of group fitness classes to help you recover quickly and stay on track.

Or Call 07 3278 1186

What Our Patients Say

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Gina Lieberherr
I took my daughter to see Joni as she was suffering debilitating vertigo while we were in Brisbane on holidays. The treatment itself was fantastic and my daughter and I were extremely impressed by the kindness, understanding and professionalism of both Joni and Jen at the front desk. A great experience overall we would totally recommend their services.
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Noa Lipinsky-Afek
I would highly recommend Graceville Physio Pain Slayers after receiving the most professional, kind and friendly treatment I could ask for. I would definitely come back to this lovely local physio clinic if I ever need it in the future.
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Anna Huynh
Have been to a couple of places to get a pregnancy massage and this has been the only one that has assisted with my hip pain and lower back pain. Would recommend and go again.
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Anna Finlayson
I have seen many of the physios here over the past few years for various conditions and ailments and they have all been very helpful. They are all extremely professional and knowledgable , and make you feel very comfortable in their care. Highly recommend!
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Phil Willmington
Thanks to the team at Graceville Physio. They worked out my problem straight away, then treated me in a way that allowed me to get back to running pain free. Excellent service.
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Kliq Bate
Molly was amazing, she is a vertigo specialist and communicated so well with my profoundly deaf mother who has been suffering for a long time. As my mother is deaf communication is typically difficult if people don't try but molly naturally played the best game of charades I've ever seen. The reception team were very warm and welcoming too, glad we visited.
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Durga Vadlamoodi
I went to this Physio clinic. The treatment was given well and I was able to get rid of my knee pain and my pelvis was corrected with proper exercises/therapies and Molly was excellent therapist who helped to get rid of pain. I would love to suggest this clinic to my friends. Only thing is, i can't give more business by not going to second time because that was the perfect treatment given. 🙂 Thanks Pain Slayers. Regards Durga
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Belle Fisher
I would highly recommend Pain Slayers. The physios are very knowledgeable and caring they helped me tremendously I felt very respected and listened to 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

A referral is not necessary to see one of our physiotherapists, however, a medical referral is necessary if your case is being managed by Third Party Insurance, Work Cover, are a Department of Veteran’s Affairs client or claiming through the Medicare EPC program.

Can I claim through my private health fund?

If you have private health insurance and have ‘extras’ cover for physiotherapy you are eligible to claim part of your treatment fee. Individual health fund benefits can vary so you are best to check the details of your policy directly with your health fund. We provide on the spot claiming through HICAPS which allows us to claim directly from your health fund. The gap can be paid via cash, credit card and EFTPOS.

Is there onsite parking?

There are two levels of car parking available in the basement of the Graceville Quarter Building. There are a number of designated car parking spaces for physiotherapy patients as well as many general parking spaces available. There is a lift to take you directly from the basement to Level 2 where the practice is located.

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