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Beware of your beach holiday

A holiday at the beach could be detrimental to your health according to our results pooled over the last 10 years.
Every year families spend their holidays at the beach. All year adults and children alike spend their days sitting at computers or desks. Now many of you are very active also but the week at the beach is way out of our norms.

Firstly all of the packing and unpacking, especially if you are camping at the beach. We leave packing to the last minute and then the rush is on to get it done in the shortest amount of time and when we arrive at the destination the rush is on again to get it unpacked so that we can get down to the beach and enjoy our holiday.
Unbeknownst to us, this packing/unpacking has already caused us to use muscles we would not normally use and without us knowing our back muscles become tight.

We don’t notice this because we are so excited to get to the beach!

Then we build sandcastles, lie on the hard sand trying to get comfortable, sit on the hard sand to try and read the paper teach our kids to boogey board and then have a go ourselves. We may even go exploring over the rocks slipping occasionally etc.

We go to bed happy and exhausted after a few drinks of course. We are on Holiday aren’t we?

Then we do this again and again. If we are staying in a caravan park or camping ground our sleeping circumstances may not be as good as it is at home. Actually even if we are in a unit or hotel etc our bedding may not be as comfortable as it is at home.

This can cause our back muscles to become tight also.

We still don’t really notice because we are so relaxed.
After about 5 days or so we feel a little niggle or 2. What does it matter though because we are on holidays.

By the 6th day we are really enjoying the surf and the boogey boarding and maybe becoming a little cocky. We try some bigger waves because we are becoming more confident. For those of us who are not seasoned beach goers, rips can form quickly and dumping waves in the shallows can appear safe.

So, here we are at the end of our holiday and having a wild time in the surf. We get dumped by a wave using our kid’s boogey board. We limp back to the beach and try to rest on the beach.
We then have a sleepless night tossing and turning because of the back pain and the next day have to not only pack up but drive back home.

What happens next?

You make an appointment to see your local Pain Slayer, the physiotherapist down the road.

They know exactly how you feel because they see it every Christmas holidays. Don’t put off making an appointment when you come back because the quicker you get over your pain the better your holiday would have felt.