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At Graceville Physiotherapy we believe that everyone should be able to access the Health Care best suited to them.

Physiotherapists have been working in mainstream medicine for close to 100 years and the practice has developed into many specialised areas. Physiotherapists also work well alongside other practitioners to enhance the outcome for their clients. We have created a Wellness centre that incorporates natural therapies such as Naturopathy and Nutrition , Remedial massage and added other services to complement in psychology and exercise physiology.

Physiotherapy can help to create an active and painfree lifestyle ensuring that you enjoy your life at every stage. Being experts in movement, Physiotherapists carefully analyse body parts in motion and use modalities to correct function of these parts. Hands on modalities such as massage, joint mobilisation, stretching and release of tissues all help to correct alignment in the body in a safe way. It is of utmost importance that the physiotherapist cause you no harm so you can be assured that all treatment techniques are safe and not aggressive. Once proper alignment is gained exercises and stretches are given so that the correct alignment is maintained. The client then becomes aware of correct posture and learns to spot when they may be doing something that could cause some irritation of joints or tissues that lead to poor body alignment. Some people refer to this as "My back has gone out" or " I have a slipped disc".

Children during growth phases often can develop pain which can be treated with the appropriate exercises and advice on certain activities to avoid and those to continue with. This is a very safe and evidence based way to provide treatment to children.

Babies born with some misalignments can benefit from treatment based on positioning of the babies body , arms legs and head to correct alignment naturally. The physiotherapist may refer on to an Occupational Therapist who can prescribe other equipment such as splints , helmets etc.

Another big area that physiotherapy can be involved in is Ante-Natal and Post-natal health. The physiotherapist can explain why you get back pain during pregnancy and can give you methods to eliminate this pain. They are also crucial in the recovery phase giving the new mum evidence based exercises to improve her strength and muscle health following birth.

Anti-Ageing is a fantastic area to work in and the physiotherapist knows just how to teach your body to defy its age. Exercises that improve balance and posture have you looking younger than you may be. Mindfulness practice and a visit to the Naturopath have you not only looking younger but feeling younger also.

See what a Physiotherapist can do for you today.

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